Focused Auditory Stimulation (listening lists)


Below you will find audio files containing words from lists of target sounds. Please consult with your child's SLP to determine which sound your child is currently working on. Sounds are targeted in a specific sequence based on your child’s speech sound errors. The purpose of focused auditory stimulation (aka listening lists) is to enhance the child's awareness of the target sounds. The student does not practice the words during the listening task. You may be asked to perform the listening task as a home assignment to support intervention provided during therapy. Lists can be played from 1-3 minutes (replay file if necessary). If you prefer to read sound lists to your child yourself, please scroll down to the end of this page.

/r/ as in Rabbit

Words Beginning With R.m4a

/g/ as in Goat

Words beginning with g.m4a

Words with g in the middle.m4a

/k/ as in Cat

Words beginning with k.m4a

Words with k in the middle.m4a

Words ending in k.m4a

/ch/ as in Chair

Words beginning with ch.m4a

Words with ch in the middle.m4a

Words ending in ch.m4a

/j/ as in Jello

Words beginning with j.m4a

Words with j in the middle.m4a

/f/ as in Fish

Words beginning with f.m4a

Words with f in the middle.m4a

Words ending in f[1].m4a

/v/ as in Vine

Words beginning with v.m4a

Words with v in the middle.m4a

/s/ as in Sun

Words beginning with s.m4a

Words with s in the middle.m4a

Words ending in s.m4a

/s/ blends

Words Beginning With Sk.m4a

Words Beginning With Sl.m4a

Words Beginning With Sp.m4a

Words Beginning With St.m4a

Words beginning with sw.m4a

Words beginning with sm.m4a Words beginning with sn.m4a

Words ending in ts.m4a

/sh/ as in Ship

Words Beginning With Sh.m4a

Words With Sh In The Middle.m4a

Words Ending In Sh.m4a

/z/ as in Zebra

Words Beginning With Z.m4a

Words With Z In The Middle.m4a

/l/ as in Lamp

Words Beginning With L.m4a

Words With L In The Middle.m4a

/l/ Blends

Words Beginning With A FL.m4a

Words Beginning With Bl.m4a

Words Beginning With KL.m4a

Words Beginning With Pl.m4a

Words Beginning With Sl.m4a

Words Beginning With Gl.m4a

/y/ as in yoyo

Words Beginning With Y.m4a

Words With Y In The Middle.m4a


These lists are intended for you to read to your child to help increase their awareness of the sound or sound pattern being worked on in therapy.

The following points should be kept in mind:

1. Try to read the words to your child once a day.

2. Try to pick a time when you and your child can be alone and in a quiet place.

3. Make sure your child understands that they are only to listen. Ask them to sit quietly. They should NOT be asked to repeat the words. Discourage them from repeating especially if they are not saying the words correctly. We want to avoid having them practice saying the sound the wrong way.

4. DON'T OVER-EMPHASIZE THE WORDS. Just speak clearly and at a relaxed pace (as if you were reading a story to them).

5. There are 40 words listed under each "sound target" (e.g. /s/ in the middle of the word). You may read the list up to 2 times.

6. Only read the word lists for the current sound your child is targeting as directed by the SLP.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Click below for link to listening lists: