District Partners

The Rhinebeck community is lucky to have numerous organizations that care so much about the education that the District's students receive.

Rhinebeck Alumni Association - The Rhinebeck Alumni Association has been set up in hopes of keeping district alumni connected as well as providing scholarships to graduating seniors. Read More at

Rhinebeck PTSO - For over 30 years, the Rhinebeck Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) has played an integral part in supporting our student body with an enriched learning experience. Read More at

Rhinebeck Science Foundation - The Rhinebeck Science Foundation is dedicated to helping the teachers in our schools who want to do more than they can with the funding they have. We seek to help them create an engaging and exciting learning environment, and to help our students succeed in a world increasingly reliant on science, technology, engineering and math. Read More at Please click here to see the projects that the Foundation has generously funded.

CultureConnect - CultureConnect is a community organization that prepares youth to interact with their local and global community with intelligence, cultural competence, ethics, compassion, and generosity. Read more at

These are some of the school-supportive and youth-centric organizations in our community. We thank them for all they do for our children and our programs.

Culture Connect