Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Welcome to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction

“Education needs to help our youth discover their passions and purpose in life, develop the critical skills needed to be successful in pursuing their goals, be inspired on a daily basis to do their very best, and be active and informed citizens.” 
― Tony Wagner, Most Likely to Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era

Children are like flowers; they flourish when conditions are cultivated by supportive, inclusive, and inspiring learning environments. When students feel a sense of belonging in their school community, they are able to meet challenges to be successful and active learners.  Rhinebeck Schools are committed to igniting students’ passion for learning in joyful and meaningful ways. During the K-12 school experience, students learn to think critically, navigate social situations, collaborate with peers on project-based learning tasks, problem-solve, and discover their voices while becoming ethical decision-makers. Teachers, families, and the community work together in Rhinebeck to set high expectations for students while providing thoughtful feedback to empower all to learn in safe and thought-provoking learning environments. 

Professional learning requires continuous improvement that is aligned to the district’s vision while promoting a collective responsibility of individual, team, department, school, and system goals. Cultivating rich, research-based professional development opportunities invites staff to sharpen instructional strategies and concepts with colleagues that transfers into classroom practice. In addition, professional learning communities engage in review of curricula programs to enhance student achievement, experiences, and outcomes.  

Teachers are one of the single most important factors that adds value to a child’s educational journey. In Rhinebeck, we encourage teacher leadership across the system. Grade level chairs, team leaders, and department chairs work closely with our office and build administrative teams to foster professional growth. Teachers engage in Collegial Circles and Summer Curriculum Writing to prepare for new units of study, areas of interest to improve teaching and learning for their students. Professional learning communities are gathered during Superintendent’s Conference Days and during common planning times to support professional stimulation throughout the school year. Out of district workshops and our partnership with BOCES provides access to a plethora of conferences for staff to grow their pedagogical knowledge for their students. Our goal is to prepare all students with 21st century skills to be empathetic, responsible, and successful adults in the world. 

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