Special Education Services

If you suspect your child has a disability, which adversely affects their educational performance, which may require special education supports and services and you are enrolling your child in a public or nonpublic school and seeking supports for your child while your child attends school, you may initiate a referral by writing to the Committee on Special Education ("CSE") in this school district or where the nonpublic school is located.

Contact person if you suspect your child has a disability and is attending The Rhinebeck Central School District:

Emily Davison (she/her), Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Rhinebeck Central School District
P.O. Box 351
Rhinebeck New York, 12572
Voice: (845) 871-5570 ext. 6512
Fax: (845) 876-4963
[email protected]

Parental rights are explained in the Procedural Safeguards.


Picture of Emily Davison                       Picture of Stacy Stoliker

Emily Davison (she/her)                                     Stacy Stoliker (she/her)

Director of Pupil Personnel                             Administrative School

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