Upcycling with Artful Intention

Upcycling with Artful Intention
Posted on 08/20/2021
Upcycling with Artful Intention was a powerful collaboration with RHS Art Teachers Ms. Baer, Ms. Giles, our studio art students and the Education Network for Teachers and Artists (ENTA.)  This multi-layered project combined study of the reflective and centering nature of mandalas with building awareness of the use of plastic.
Each individual mandala was designed using material from one week's usage of plastic. Those mandalas were assembled in a large public installation on the RHS campus. The students engaged with awareness, intention, and design principles. 
Here is an aerial view of this beautiful sustainability-inspired project. Special thanks to ENTA, Mimi Graminski and Martha Tobias who collaborated with the students and teachers to make this possible.