Gift of Learning: Desks and Chairs Find New Home

"CLS's Gift of Learning: Desks and Chairs Find New Home in Santiago"
Posted on 11/28/2023

Chancellor Livingston Elementary School (CLS) recently spread the joy of learning beyond borders by donating desks and chairs to a school in Santiago, Dominican Republic. This heartfelt initiative represented community collaboration and global goodwill.

A Gift from the Heart

As new adaptive and multi-function furniture arrived in classrooms at CLS, the used desks were slated to be discarded. Inspired by a desire to give back and to ensure use of the replaced furniture, a school employee reached out to her local church in order to raise funds for shipping and transporting the items. 

Loading Up for a Global Journey

With dedication and community spirit, 100 desks and 100 chairs were carefully loaded onto transport, showcasing the collaborative efforts of the community and CLS buildings and grounds team. This not only highlighted a commitment to sustainability but also its dedication to fostering global connections for educational equality.

A Connection that Matters

This impactful initiative was made possible through a personal connection between a CLS school employee and a pastor in Santiago, Dominican Republic. This heartfelt link facilitated a smooth coordination of efforts, turning a simple idea into a powerful reality.


Inspiring Unity

The donation sparked inspiration locally, with churches in the Hyde Park area raising funds to ship and transport the furniture. It showcased how communities can make a meaningful difference when they collaborate for a shared cause.

New Beginnings in Santiago

As the desks and chairs reached Santiago, they found a new home in two schools that will benefit immensely from this generous gesture. The gift goes beyond physical items; it symbolizes a connection between schools, communities, and the shared belief in the transformative power of education.

The desks and chairs traveled many miles, and the impact they made was immeasurable—a testament to the power of a caring community with a shared vision for a brighter future.