COVID Dashboard and Revised Notification

COVID-19 Data Dashboard and Case Notification Protocols - REVISED
Posted on 09/20/2021

The link below directs to the District COVID-19 data dashboard. It will be updated as the district is notified of any cases of COVID-19.  

In the event that there are close contacts to a confirmed cases, close contacts be notified by telephone and directed to quarantine. 


When there is a positive case in a school building:

Step 1: Case investigation will occur for each positive test. this requires a school nurse to engage in a discussion with families about potential exposure involving other students, the timeline of the case (when/if symptoms developed), the type of test administered, and more;

Step 2: Close contacts, as defined by the CDC and Dutchess County, are contacted via telephone by the school nurse and directed to quarantine;

Step 3 – CLS Only: based on the extended duration that students are with each other in a single room, families of the impacted classroom will also be notified by email from the Principal of any positive COVID-19 tests among student in that classroom; students who are not identified as close contacts will be reminded to consistently wear masks in all indoor settings, avoid extended close contact with others at all times, and monitor for any symptoms. Families may opt to engage in free COVID-19 testing. Students who are not directed to quarantine will continue to come to school. 

Step 4: All Buildings - email notification via SchoolMessenger from the Superintendent will be sent to all families and employees of the building impacted indicating that the district has confirmed there was a positive COVID-19 test; District Data Dashboard is updated. **Once NYS COVID School Report Card is re-deployed, that will be the District Dashboard***

Step 5: Home tutoring for individuals directed to quarantine is organized in alignment with district procedures. If the quarantine is issued by a source other than the school, please submit documentation of that quarantine issue to the school Principal.

As a reminder, families must contact the school nurse as soon as possible if a child experiences symptoms or has a positive COVID-19 test. In those communications you may also opt to include the school Principal, and the COVID Coordinator (Albert Cousins) - but the school nurse will be the first point of contact.