BMS Students Hydroponics Harvest

BMS Students Hydroponics Harvest
Posted on 12/05/2023

In a 'groundbreaking' initiative, students at Bulkeley Middle School recently reaped the fruits of their labor in a hydroponics garden harvest, showcasing the intersection of science, agriculture, and civic engagement. The project was part of the school's 7th-grade civics course, led by the innovative and dedicated teacher, Mr. Henry Frischknecht. The Rhinebeck Science Foundation generously supported this endeavor by funding the purchase of the hydroponics equipment.

Under Mr. Frischknecht's guidance, students embarked on a hands-on journey to understand the principles of hydroponics—an advanced method of soilless plant cultivation. The aim was not only to explore sustainable agricultural practices but also to instill a sense of civic responsibility and environmental stewardship among the students.

gardenOver the course of a few weeks, the students meticulously cared for their hydroponic garden, closely monitoring the growth of vibrant green romaine lettuce. The controlled environment of hydroponics allowed students to witness firsthand the impact of factors such as nutrient levels, pH balance, and light exposure on plant development.

The culmination of their efforts occurred recently when the students gathered for the eagerly awaited harvest. With support from Food Services Director Larry Anthony, each student carefully plucked the crisp and fresh romaine lettuce leaves they had nurtured from tiny sprouts. The harvest not only provided a tangible reward for their hard work but also served as a practical application of the civic principles they had been learning in the classroom.

kemnitzerThe harvested romaine lettuce will not go to waste. As part of the civic component of the project, students will have this product incorporated into school meal service across the District.

The hydroponics garden project at Bulkeley Middle School stands as a shining example of how innovative teaching methods can inspire students to engage with their education on a deeper level. Through cultivating lettuce and cultivating civic responsibility, these 7th graders are sowing the seeds of a more sustainable and compassionate future.

group with lettuce