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Welcome to a World of Adventure

I want to welcome each student and family member to your new family. For the next ten months we will be attached at the hip as we move through our 5th grade experience. One that should be fun and exciting. Our family will be built on trust, honesty, team work and hard individual effort. As a teacher, a parent and a person, I will push the children to do their best, through encouragement, individual help and at times, some tough love.

Imagine palm trees blowing in the wind, the sun setting and rising above the ocean, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore. This will be the beauty of our classroom. Children working, interacting and creating work that they never thought they could.

I am looking forward to this fun and exciting year.

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Classroom Phone #:  845-871-5570 ext. 5205

Home #:  518-943-7666(Before 9 PM)

email- [email protected]