Ms Renzi's Classroom Webpage


Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

School Closure Information:

During the period we are closed I am available via email: [email protected]


I have set up a Google classroom for my 11th graders and my 12th graders


Students can contact me there and I will be checking in with them through Google.


If your 11th or 12th grader has not yet joined the Google classroom, please encourage them to do so.  I will be available to work with them on any outstanding work they owe so far this quarter as well as whatever work their teachers are posting for them while we are out of school.

Be well and stay safe,

S. Renzi




Want to know upcoming assignments or assessments?
Click here (or click on the Calendar and Assignments link to the left) to see a calendar with information about what is coming up in each class.  I will keep it updated as I get the assignments from the classroom teachers.


Upcoming Events/Information for Parents: 

Five week reports will be out after March 11.


11th Grade College Planning Calendar (from the RHS Guidance webpage)

  • Fall or Spring - take College and Careers II
  • October - take PSAT (results available mid-December)
  • March/April - take SAT prep courses
  • April - take ACT
  • May - take SAT
  • June - take SAT II, Subject exams and/or ACT
  • June - prospective Div. I & II college athletes register with NCAA
  • Spring/Summer - visit colleges, recruiters, etc.


12th Grade College Planning Calendar (from the RHS Guidance webpage)

  • Meet with school counselor regarding post-high school planning
  • October/November-submit FAFSA and required financial aid forms
  • October/November - take SAT and/or ACT and/or SAT II
  • October/November - prepare and submit college applications



**Check the Daily Bulletin for upcoming college visits & the Guidance Office website for more info