Bulkeley Middle School Business Leadership Club

BMS School Store

Bulkeley Middle School Business Leadership Club

BMS Business Leadership Club meets twice each month after school.

The focus of these meetings is to learn different aspects of running a small 'store'.  At the last meeting, students inventoried existing merchandise, researched the price per each item, and decided on a reasonable 'sell for' price.  They looked through various catalogs for new ideas, and came up with ways of presenting things more attractively.  Students also learned how to balance the cash drawer.

We recently took over the fun task of student birthdays!  Our first meeting of each month will be spent assembling Birthday Bundles for all students who celebrate a birthday in the coming month.

When the warm weather arrives, we hope to take walks into town to meet and interview some of the local shop keepers and learn about their methods of running a store.

I am very, VERY excited about this group, and look forward to knowing these students better.

Please contact me by phone or email if you have any questions about the club.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage.

Regina Messa, Secretary

Advisor, Bulkeley Middle School Business Leadership Club and School Store

[email protected]

(845) 871-5500 x 5552

Our Mascot, Razz, is helping with my knitting!

Our Mascot, Razz, helping with my knitting.