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Welcome to 7th grade Life Science!

Ms. Dannemann

[email protected]

845.871.5500 x 4383 

Ms. Dannemann's Schedule  

Period 1  8:00 - 8:41 Science 7
Period 2 8:44 - 9:25 Science 7
Period 3 9:28 - 10:11 Science 7
Period 4 10:14 - 10:55 Prep
Period 5 10:58 - 11:39 Team
Period 6 11:42 - 12:23 Science 7
Period 7 12:26 - 1:07 Lunch
Period 8 1:10 - 1:51 Study Hall (B/D)
Period 9 1:54 - 2:35 Community Service Coordinator 

What will we be learning this year? 

 We will be using science and engineering practices as we study life science this year. The core ideas we will be uncovering are:

  • From molecules to organisms: structures and processes
    • structure and function
    • growth and development of organisms
    • organization for matter and flow in organisms
    • information processing
  • Ecosystems: interactions, energy, and dynamics
    • interdependent relationships in ecosystems
    • cycles of matter and energy transfer in ecosystems
    • ecosystem dynamics, functioning, and resilience
    • social interactions and group behavior
  • Heredity: inheritance and variation of traits
    • inheritance of traits
    • variation of traits
  • Biological evolution: unity and diversity
    • evidence of common ancestry and diversity
    • natural selection
    • adaptation
    • biodiversity and humans

What can I expect? What is expected of me? 

 Please read through our course expectations: expectations.pdf

How can I stay organized?

 Assignments and homework:

We will be using the CANVAS site this year to help us stay organized with assignments and homework. The Canvas site can be accessed under the ‘academics’ tab on the school website. Or, you can follow the link provided here. On Canvas, you will be able to find a calendar of class events and assignments as well as helpful documents and learning materials. If you are absent from class or missing materials, or if you are seeking clarification while away from class, Canvas is a great place to look. 

Canvas Log on

 Binder organization:

We will be keeping our binders organized by using a numbered table of contents. Binder checks and clean outs occur periodically. Please refer to the TOC page on our Canvas site (under the 'Important Documents' module) to see a running list of our current table of contents. 


It's going to be a great year!