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See below on how to complete your library assignments.  


Week 12-13 (June 1st-June 13th)

CLS Summer Reading

Please look over the summer reading list (with help from a grown-up if students are in the younger grades), click on a couple of linked videos, and select some books to read over the summer.  Happy reading!


List for students going into 1st-5th Grade:

Summer Reading 2020.docx

List for students going into 6th Grade:

Summer Reading 2020 6th Grade.docx


Week 11 (May 26th-29th)


All students:  Please use this week to make up any work you missed.  All work is posted below.  I will be posting the summer reading list next week.  If you have any questions please email me!


Week 10 (May 18th-21st)


Assignment for K-2 Students:


Free read week!  Please read a book of your choice and tell a grown-up what you think the lesson of the book was.  Send me an email telling me what you read if you get a chance.


Assignment for 3-5 Students:


Did you press your flowers a few weeks ago?  If yes now you can make a suncatcher.  If you didn't press flowers you can still go get fresh flower petals or cut out construction paper.  Instructions are here in this video:

Make a Sun Catcher

 If you don't have Contact Paper try using a smaller paper plate (or a small circle made of construction paper) and clear packing tape.  


Please send me a picture of your creation!

[email protected]


Week 9 (May 11th-May 15th)


Assignments for K-2 Students:


Simply click on the link to watch the book video for your grade.  Just watch and enjoy.


Somebunny Loves Me


1st Grade:

Last Stop On Market Street


2nd Grade:

Dragons Love Tacos



Assignments for 3-5 Students:


Click on this link for a list of virtual field trips. 


Virtual Field Trips


Pick at least one website and make sure you watch at least one video from that website.  If you get a chance please tell me what you learned! 


Week 8 (May 4th-May 8th)


Assignment for K-2 Students:


Book Bingo!  Print or recreate the Bingo Page here:



If you need free Dr. Seuss resources to check off the first box here is a link:

Dr. Seuss Free Videos



Assignment for 3-5 Students:


Lots of students like checking out cookbooks from the library.  Here is a great website with fun recipe ideas.  Pick a recipe and make it!  Remember to ask permission from a grown-up, and to be safe while you cook.  

Chop Chop Family

When you get to the site just click on "Learn to Cook" and pick "Recipies" 


Please send pictures if you can!  [email protected]



Week 7 (April 27th-May 1st)


Make a bookmark week! 

All grades:  Make a fun and creative bookmark.  Keep it for yourself, or give it as a gift.  Here are links with some ideas:


Bookmark Ideas (This is a list of ideas with links to instructions)

Make a Corner Bookmark (This is a link to a YouTube video with instructions on how to fold your own corner bookmark)

Use these ideas, or think of your own.  Your bookmark can be as easy or as challenging as you like.  Keep on reading!  Please send me a picture of your creation if you get a chance.


Week 6 (April 20th-24th)



Kindergarten:  Please watch this video and follow along at home

Five Little Monkeys


1st Grade:  Please watch this video and afterwards try hopping around your house like a bunny.  While you hop count every window in your house.  Tell a grown-up how many windows you have.

Everybunny Count


2nd Grade:  Please watch this video and tell a grown-up what you think the lesson of the story was. 

In A Small Kingdom


3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Go on a nature walk and find some flowers (make sure you are being safe and they are flowers you are allowed to pick).  Open the attached instructions on how to press and preserve your flower.  Include on a piece of paper the day you found the flower, where you found it, and what the flower makes you think about.  We will be using these flowers in a couple of weeks for a library project.


How to Find and Press Flowers:


Week 5 (April 13th-April 17th) 

Click on the link below for a packet called "My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule".

My Covid Time Capsule PDF

Students may do as much of the packet as they like.  I recommend they do at least the following:


Kindergarten:  Pick one page.  Drawing-based pages might be the best for this age, such as page 2, page 6, or page 7.

1st: Pick two pages

2nd: Pick three pages

3rd: Pick four pages

4th: Pick five pages

5th: Pick six pages

Don't worry if you don't have a printer-just recreate the pages on regular paper.


Bonus:  Click below if you would like to read an E-Book about Coronavirus

Coronavirus: A Book for Children


 Week 4 (April 6th-April 10th)


All Grade Levels:  Choose a book you like and create a scene from that book.  Use legos, blocks, toys, items from the recycling-whatever you can think of.  For example if you like "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" you could create a bus, a pigeon and a bus driver out of legos.  If you like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" you could create the chocolate room in Willy Wonka's factory out of a shoebox and pieces of decorated cardboard.  You can use these examples, or think of your own idea.  Please send a picture of your creation if you can.



Week 3 (March 30th-April 3rd)-Go to the website


Scroll to the bottom left corner and click "elementary" Use the site to complete your library assignment for the week

Kindergarten-Read "Alphabeasts" (with help from a grown-up).  Pick an animal, write the letter your animal begins with, and illustrate a picture of the animal.  Example: S is for Salamander.


1st-Read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" (with help from a grown-up).  Tell someone in your house the lesson of the book


2nd-Read "Arctic Food Chains".  What did you eat today?  Draw a picture of where something you ate came from.  Example: if you ate applesauce draw apples on an apple tree.


3rd-Read "Volcanos".  Draw a picture of any natural disaster.


4th and 5th-Choose and read one of the following books.  Write down what you read and provide a one-paragraph summary.  Make sure you include your opinion of the book.


Choose One:

"Super Potato"

"Staying Alive: An Unofficial Minecraft"

"A Snicker of Magic" (note this is an audiobook, and longer than the other choices)


"Anne of Green Gables" (also a longer audiobook)

"Lark Holds the Key"



Weeks 1-2 (March 16th-March 27th) All grades: complete a "Shelf Talker" for a book you read.



You may email pictures of your work to Ms. Kindley [email protected] or bring in paper copies when we return to school. 



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 "Google can bring you back 100,000 answers.  A librarian can bring you back to the right one"

-Neil Gaiman