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   Hello all :) Thanks for checking in on my webpage.  While we are out on this emergency extended leave from each other I will be using google classroom for all of my classes.  The codes for each classroom are:

Advanced Art Exploration/ AP 2D Design: ckzvt6b

Drawing:  nvhwidl

Sculpture: ir24bpp

Advanced Ceramics/ 8th period:  ub6cxe4

Advanced Ceramics/9th period:  n63rrv7

We will also be continuing to upload our finished artwork onto Artsonia while we are out.  All sketchbook assignments are on this website as well as on google classroom.  Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions you might have and I will try my best to answer you in a timely manner, as many of you know I have two middle schoolers at home too.

 On the following web pages, you will be able to find course descriptions, sketchbook assignments, interesting art-related websites, samples of students' artwork, art school links, and other fun and useful information. 

Check back periodically to see information about upcoming art shows, field trips and other art opportunities.


Check out our new art catalog for the 2020-2021 school year here 

Rhinebeck High School Art Course Offerings 2019-2020





 R.H.S. A.R.T.C.L.U.B.

Meets on Wednesdays (but not the 1st one of the month)

after school in Mrs. Giles' Art room 131

New members are always welcome

even if you're not taking an art class!  

Hope to see you there!!!


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Check out "useful art links" to connect you to a variety of art colleges for you to research.



The National Core Standard For The Arts

has been revised! 

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