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Philosophical Assumptions

We Believe that Physical Education...


  • Fosters a positive school climate
  • Encourages cooperation through team work, citizenship, problem solving, creative thinking and  sportsmanship.
  • Enhances learning and academic success through fitness and knowledge by providing daily physical activity.
  • Provides opportunity for enjoyment and self expression.
  • Assesses students' knowledge and skills.
  • Provides data for constant evaulation of program.
  • Supply an environment for students to apply safety for self and others.
  • Provides another oportunity for the application of technology.
  • Encourages use of community resources.
  • Promotes learning through a variety of movement experiences.


Philosophy of Physical Education

Physical Education is an essential part of students' educational experience.  It is the Physical Education Department’s mission to empower our students to reach their maximum potential academically, socially, and physically--through the modality of movement.  The curriculum is a sequence of learning experiences that includes RCSD’s core values and ensures student development of personal health, fitness, and citizenship that leads to a physically active lifestyle. 


Students are graded using a daily rubric along with an authentic assessment based on the New York State PE Profile for each unit of instruction.