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My name is Cynthia Baer and I am excited to be teaching art for my 10th year at Rhinebeck High School. I teach Studio Art and Studio in Crafts for grades 9 -12, and Adv Drawing & Painting, and Media Communications for grades 10 -12. You can find out more about each course by clicking the  icons to the left.

I come with a diverse background in the arts. I graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Medical and Scientific Illustration and more recently from SUNY at New Paltz  with a BS in Visual Arts Education and a MS in Education. I have worked as a freelance artist specializing in medical and scientific illustration as well as in the art industry as a staff artist, production manager and art director. You may have seen some of my work locally at park kiosks or local museums.


I believe that process is as important to art-making as the end project. With that said, project evaluations are done through a combination of self-assessment and questions that are geared toward recall, application, reflection and re-evaluation of artwork. Critiques are included in this evaluation so that students learn to talk about their work in terms of the elements and principles of design.

I have high expectations for my students. In order to build an environment where thoughts and ideas can be easily shared, I ask for respect in the classroom; toward each other, toward me and toward the tools and materials that are used. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of art-making. I will share with them what I know regarding art context and techniques but most importantly, it is up to each student to take the opportunity to experiment and find meaningful self-expression in the art they make.


As an artist and a teacher, I am aware that everyone works at a different pace. In order to balance the need to keep a steady stream of projects flowing in the classroom with this variable, I will be available after school in Room 151 every Tuesday. Students are also encouraged to make arrangements to come and work during their free periods as needed.


Whether you have a specific concern, are a parent or guardian that is involved in the art field or crafts or just enjoy making things, I welcome you to introduce yourself and encourage you to be a part and/or get to know the fine art work students are doing at the Rhinebeck H.S. Please feel free to contact me at school via phone, 845-871-5500 x4305  or e-mail at [email protected]

Thank you for this opportunity to teach your child art. I hope that my love for this subject will have a lasting effect on his or her artistic development.