Mrs. Tait's & Mrs. Fleischhauer's Class

Grade 4 - Room 202

Book's Journey Project

Dear Fourth Grade Families,


        Our Book’s Journey project is an opportunity for students to explore the process of developing a book, incorporating all the skills they’ve learned throughout the year.  As students start developing their ideas, it is important to remember the expectations that we have discussed in class.  As a culminating event, families and younger children will have an opportunity to meet the authors and view their books.  It’s important that the books are rated “E” for everyone.  If the books are deemed inappropriate, the student’s work will not be part of the culminating event.  We look forward to seeing our young authors blossom!    




                                                        The fourth grade teachers,

                                                        Meghan Craft, Erin O’Brien, Sarah Slichter, & Julie Tait


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Author Susanna Hill's Website

      Susanna Hill visited our classroom to share tips about the writing process. This is her website. You may email her with questions at [email protected]