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3-Attempts at Reform

Attempts at Reform

  1. Objectives
    1. Describe the role abolition played in the years leading up to the Civil War
      1. Be sure to explain how the movement formed
      2. You should probably choose one abolitionist discuss them in some depth
      3. Looking into the case of La Amistad may be helpful
    2. Explain what the Underground Railroad was and its impact
      1. You will probably want to include a map here
      2. The song, “Follow the Drinking Gourd” may be important to include here
      3. You will probably want to use Harriet Tubman as an example of a “conductor”
    3. Describe the actions that were taken in opposition to abolition.
      1. William Lloyd Garrison’s experience may be a good place to start here
      2. You will also want to think about why there was opposition to abolition in both northern and southern states.  

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Primary Source

Ain't I a Woman?!