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Slavery in the Colonies Project

Project Overview:  This project will take place over a period of about a week (7 days), and will involve groups of around 4 students working together to address various objectives that will allow them to thoroughly understand and depict the existence of slavery in the colonies.  More specifically, this project will allow students to gain a better understanding of 4 notable aspects of slavery: the conditions of the Middle Passage, the living conditions of slaves, various methods of slave resistance, and the difference between slavery and “indentured servitude.”  Students will be able to depict their findings through a total of 3 different project types.


Available Resources:  Each student will have access to the following resources, some of which with the permission of Mr. Frischknecht will be required.


Documents Provided at the Beginning of the Project (1 for each subject)

Computers within the Library

iPads (with the permission of the teacher, may not be removed from the library)

Various materials, including posterboards, notecards, writing paper, colored pencils, markers, glue, and scissors


Project Mediums Options:


As I would like to provide you with some form of choice in this project, I am providing you with 3 different ways of completing this project.  Below you will find those options listed.  You will be asked (as a group) to determine which project you will pursue, after which you will confirm your choice with me or Mr. F and receive a worksheet with greater detail on your chosen project.


Journal Entries


Trading Cards



*Remember, this is a Group Project.  As such, each group member should be doing their fair share of work.  This will be taken into account during grading!



Project Options (DOCX 15 KB)