Bulkeley Middle School Business Leadership Club

BMS School Store

BMS School Store

The Bulkeley Middle School Store is open for business!

Currently, we have a dedicated group of students who work the store and during the month of February, Team 7 had the greatest amount of sales earning themselves an ice cream party.  Is that awesome, or what???

The store is open before, during and after school, as well as during study halls if there are students to work who are caught up on their studies.

The BMS School Store will be providing snacks and beverages to student who stay after school for extra help, or athletics. Our concentration will be snacks that provide energy and drinks that hydrate not hype-up. 

Items for sale at the store run in price from $.10 - $5.00.  It is my objective to offer a variety of merchandise at a modest cost.

Recently, Mrs. Famiglietti's 8th grade art class surprised us with a new sign for our store.  Check it out!

Our Brand New Sign!

School Store News - April


I just started offering gluten-free items for our students and staff who are on special diets.  The following items are available:

Vans fruit and granola bars $0.75

Annie's mac and cheese (particularly popular with the kids!) $1.75

Spring is in the air at the BMS School Store!  The we are offering new food items that are very popular with students and staff alike (shocking, but true!). I do not purchase any item that I would not have on my shelves at home, and I eat very well. 

This month, the cafe is featuring the following items: 

The BMS Cafe



Animal Crackers


Apples/Fresh Fruit




Beef Jerky


Chips,Goldfish, Pretzels etc.


Cliff Bars


Cracker Jack


Fruit snacks


Granola/fruit and grain bars


Famous Amos cookies


Ritz Bitz








Iced Tea-unsweetened


Juice Boxes-100% juice


San Pellegrino water (delish!)






Regular stock items will always be available, while seasonal items, well...are seasonal.  Then there are the fickle items that just caught my eye, so good luck with those!

School Store

Staple items include:

  • pens (I just got in some Pilot G-2s in great colors!)
  • pencils/lead
  • erasers (good and less than stellar!)
  • highlighters
  • glue sticks
  • composition books
  • filler paper
  • binders 1" (still looking for a decent, affordable binder)
  • notebooks and journals
  • tab dividers
  • 8G USB flash drives
  • book covers
  • loose leaf paper reinforcements
  • touch screen stylus
  • index cards
  • agenda books

Seasonal items:

  • spring snow globes
  • lip balm
  • hand cream
  • greeting cards
  • blank note cards
  • stickers
  • reusable water bottles
  • magnets
  • COMING SOON...MLB merchandise (notebooks and folders, and stuff like that)

Coming soon:

  • fidgety things for kids who tend to...well...fidget! (just want to find the right ones that don't stink-teacher input appreciated)
  • drawstring sports bags
  • Rhinebeck Spirit Wear (I hope!!)
  • scientific calculators-solar
  • locker storage items
  • 3-hole pencil cases that fit a paperback book
  • anything else you can think of

...and much, much more!

I would really love to have your child work with me; it is a great way to get to know the other students, while learning valuable and PRACTICAL math skills.  Of course the fun we have is just the icing on the cake!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about this A-MAZ-ING club!


 Check out the Amazing Team 7 working the School Store.

There is Mr. Cody Hues, who I like to call "The Boy with the Hollow Leg"!

 Team 7 Working the School Store