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Welcome to 4th grade!


August 2020


Dear Fourth Grade Students and Families,


          Hello and welcome to Fourth Grade! This year, your teachers will be Mrs. Tait and Mrs. Fleischhauer. We are thrilled that you are in our class. It’s hard to believe that the start of the new school year is just around the corner! We’re eager to meet you and begin learning together.

            As you know, this year will likely be very different from any other we’ve experienced. We may learn together face to face, and we may learn together from afar. We challenge you to keep your minds and hearts open. We’ll be faced with obstacles and unfamiliar experiences. We’ll approach them together, with creativity and optimism, making the best of each day!

          Fourth grade is an exciting year. We will build on Third Grade skills, learn to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers, and continue to grow as readers and writers. Our year will be challenging, but it will also be fun. Fourth graders should be prepared to think deeply, work thoughtfully, and persevere through challenges. We are very excited about the community we will be building together and the opportunity to get to know all of you. With commitment, determination, teamwork, and a good sense of humor, we will all reach our goals. It will certainly be an adventure. Your teachers will be there to guide you along the way!

          There are many aspects of Rhinebeck’s reopening plan that are still getting worked out, so please keep an eye on the Rhinebeck Returns website for updates (

As of now, here are some things to know (some details may change):

  • There will be a phased re-opening to allow for time to train teachers in new procedures and to put them into practice with smaller groups of students. We will all begin 4th Grade remotely on Thursday, September 10th. In-person 4th Grade students will come to CLS beginning Wednesday, September 16th.
  • In-person students have a delayed start to the day – school will begin each day at 10:35 (please refer to information sent to families regarding bus and drop-off procedures).
  • Our classroom will look very different, as most furniture has been removed to allow for adequate distance between desks. I will send you some pictures soon so you’ll know what to expect.
  • Students will still participate in special classes. The schedule will look different – classes will be shorter and we’ll rotate specials in a 2-week block (i.e. Music for 2 weeks, followed by Art for 2 weeks, etc.).
  • Some exciting news – the district has arranged for a computer to be assigned to each student.
  • Details about our Google Classroom will be coming soon.
  • As additional details get worked out, I will do my best to update you. I will contact you using the email provided in SchoolTool. If you’d prefer communication through a different email, please send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll update my list.

          Be safe, be healthy, and enjoy the remainder of your summer. Get ready to dive back into learning. We’re so excited about meeting you and beginning our Fourth Grade journey together. See you soon in room 202, or virtually through Zoom! 


Your Fourth Grade teachers,

Mrs. Tait and Mrs. Fleischhauer  



1) If you prefer a nickname, ask Mom or Dad to email and let us know. We’ll be labeling your desk and other items with your name.

2) Our lunchtime is 1:15-1:35. Please be sure to have breakfast and/or a snack before you come to school.

3) Now is a good time to check your school supply list (supply list for remote learners). Try to bring in your supplies on the first day of school.

4) We’ll be sending out a sign-up for Zoom Meetings to meet with Mrs. Tait and Mrs. Fleischhauer. This will be an optional opportunity to say hello and ask any questions you may have about our upcoming year together.


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