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Gingerbread House Raising (WMV 2.05 MB)
We built a house for our Gingerbread Friends!

Game Night! (WMV 1.85 MB)

Kindergartners Helping Out!

Here's to Fall (WMV 2.53 MB) 

Always a party in Kindergarten!

Having Fun with Ms. Shea (WMV 3.54 MB) 

Come see us show Ms. Shea what it takes to be a teacher!

Montgomery Place Field Trip 2013 (WMV 12.11 MB) 

We went on a field trip to learn about BEES!

Poor, poor poor Humpty Dumpty! (WMV 1.83 MB) 

We built a safer wall for Humpty Dumpty!

Happy Spring! (WMV 3.75 MB) 

There weren't any leprechauns around to ruin our fun! We celebrated St. Patrick's Day and Spring!
Math is Fun (WMV 4.87 MB)
Here is us having fun with math-a bit of repetition but some other math photos added!

Fire Dogs to the Rescue (WMV 6.29 MB)

We Love Firefighters!

Making Gingerbread Houses (WMV 8.94 MB) 

Come see us and our families helping us make gingerbread houses for our gingerbread buddies!

Happy Valentine's Day and Welcome to Winter (WMV 2.36 MB) 

What a party! Come see how we celebrate in Kindergarten!

How to Melt an Ice Cube (WMV 4.99 MB) it's cold in here! Watch us learn about melting ice! This is a fun dice math game. Bring your mittens!

Marshmallow Engineers! (WMV 10.74 MB) 

Come in and watch us learn about two and three dimensional shapes! See how fun it it is to create our own shapes!

Let's Celebrate Dr. Seuss (WMV 2.46 MB) 

We spent the day listening to guest readers and eating green eggs and ham (and bacon!) We love to hear stories!

Happy Spring and St. Patrick's Day (WMV 1.50 MB) 

What a wonderful day of crafts, leprechaun pudding and Lucky Charms graphing!
Kindergarten Firefighters (WMV 5.71 MB)

Party in Kindergarten (WMV 16.08 MB)

Green Eggs and Ham (WMV 19.29 MB)

File humpty dumpty 2011.wmv (WMV 9.54 MB)

Family Game Night (WMV 9.35 MB)

Fall Party (WMV 20.85 MB)

A Trip to the Farm (WMV )

And Yet Another Bee Movie (WMV )

Catching the Leprechaun (WMV )

Firefighters of CLS (WMV )

Fire Personnel and Fire Dogs to the Rescue (WMV )

Gingerbread House Raising (WMV )

More Gingerbread Houses (WMV )

Grand Parent's and Special Friend's Day (WMV )

Happy Hallowen (WMV )

How to Melt an Ice Cube (WMV )

Montgomery Place (WMV )

More Montgomery Place (WMV )