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Night Sky Information
Login to: rhinebeck Password: rhinebeck Great great resource for checking planets, stars, constellations, satellite passes.
High school student Super Nova discovery!
INFO on the international space station (ISS)
Wondering why we spend so much money on space?
Cool orbit game
Try changing the parameters. This is very fun, but devote about 3 minutes to it!!!
What's a light year
A user friendly BBC video, explaining the size of a LIGHT YEAR in terms of "near-by" astronomical neighbors.
Regents Physics Review
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Physics Reference Table
Never be without your Physics Reference Table
Multimedia Physics topics
Good way to review when you are tired of looking at the book!
Practice with old Regents Questions
Download old regents test
Go to the Source to review!
Physics Animations
More phat phun with physics
Science Phun
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Fantastic and amazing Geology Photos
Magnetic Levitation video
OK, if you really need to procrastinate about your homework - go here! ribit!
Large Hadron Collider Rap - Check it!
Very informative Rap song that explains some of the objectives of the most expensive science experiment ever. Word up.
Cool powers of 10 animation
Grand scales and grand schemes- We're both really big and really small. Deep stuff.
Design Games
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Nice device design Game
Another design game!
This is old school FUN---Coconut-Run