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Regents Physics

Welcome New 2021-2022 Physics Students!

No New HW due Monday, but here is part of assignment due Tuesday

Physics HW due Tuesday in older MAROON book

  1. Read in maroon book: pages 43 – 51
  2. define/explain in notes: particle model, position vector, vector quantity, scalar quantity, displacement, distance
  3. p.60: 2 3 4 5
  4. Make a list of all scalar quantities mentioned in chap. 3
  5. Make a list of all vector quantities mentioned in chap. 3
  6. complete handout distributed on Monday (will be posted Monday)


We had test on Friday (9/24)

answers to handout:chapter 2 equation plus answers 21.pdf

video help:


old due Weds:

complete last 2 pages of class packet: chapter 2 relat calip more prac combo.pdf

Test Friday covers:

1. Scientific notation + math with sci. not
2. Metric, mks, fund. vs derived, unit conversion ( like quiz)
3. Sig fig counting
4. Math with sig fig rounding
5. Precision vs. accuracy; dependent and independent vars.
6. Uncertainty; worst case volume calculation
7. read a caliper
8. Math relationships and graph types
9. equation solving


old HW due Tuesday: new handout

handout:chapter 2 wc hw plus sd rnd.pdf

also: revisions on quiz are due tomorrow, email me if you are having trouble.

use today's notes handout and examples to help with worst case questions, use previous HW to help with last page

Notes handout:Worst case Scenario method notes and examp.pdf

Test Friday


old HW due Monday 9-20


notes on sig fig rounding:Chapter 2 notes on sig rounding rules.pdf

help video:

Work on quiz revision! due Tuesday

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old due Weds:  Quiz tomorrow

a) be sure to have read over chapter 2 in maroon book

b) handout:sig dig practice hw 2021.pdf

c) notes: chapter 2 sig fig counting and rounding notes 13.pdf

d) help video:


old due Tuesday:

a) handout:chapter 2 metric HW 2021.pdf

    notes from today:Chapter 2 notes day1 updated.pdf

b) read over Chapter 2 in maroon book by Weds class

c) quiz Weds:

1. converting #’s to sci notation ( CAN USE CALCULATOR)
2. Converting between metric prefixes ( practice your method)
3. Math operation using #’s in scientific notation ( CAN USE CALCULATOR)
4. difference between physical quantities and the unit used to measure them
      (Length is a quantity, meters are the unit)
5. Fundamental vs. derived quantities ( or units)
6. What mks stands for (meters, kilograms, seconds)
7. Precision and Accuracy : what are they and examples of how they are
             communicated in science
8. Significant Digits(or figures) – how to count them –
                                                        applying those four rules
9. Last significant digit to the right of a measurement is an estimate

Nothing due on Monday

old HW due Friday:

Please have your parent look over and sign course overview handed out today in class

bring in signed handout to show me on Fri (tomorrow)


Needs for supplies:

**  supply of looseleaf

Recommended for "binder" people:

        A binder that has 3 sections



-Section for Labs in progress and tests-revisions

If you hate binders

Get an ample 3 subject notebook

and 2-3 folders for handouts

**You should have a cm ruler and protractor (keep at home for lab completions)

**Graphing Calculator is recommended - but not required - need a scientific calculator

TIP*** - get a hanging file box to "off load" material that accumulates as the year progresses. This will keep your binder more manageable, while still allowing you access to older material.


Please email me: [email protected]