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AP Physics Homework

AP Physics (and Physics Honors) 2021-2022

Test Monday on Vectors   also HW sheet: accel eqn practice ap 2021.pdf

a) adding (or subtracting) one dimensional vectors
    head wind and tail wind, upstream downstream, conveyers
b) trig basics and pythagorean thm
c) Using scale and measuring and constructing with a ruler-protractor
d) perpendicular situations: river crossing, planes with crosswinds
e) draw resultants on head to tail and tail to tail diagrams
f) drawing component diagrams and find components
g) understand relationship between angle bet. vectors and resultant size
h) finding resultants when vectors are not perpendicular using component addition method

don't forget also HW sheet: accel eqn practice ap 2021.pdf


old due Friday(9/24):

chapter 4 review end21.pdf


old due Thursday:Chapter 4 vector review aph.pdf
need help on Mrs WHeeler problem?:


old due Weds:

complete packet from class:ap hw 9-21-21.pdf

If you were absent on Tuesday, please read email in O365 from me


For Tuesday (9/21) complete in class work for Tuesday

Block Lab was due Monday (no other HW  :-)   )

Work from class on Monday:

Hello physics students,

1. Hand in block lab (or share lab) by 2:35 (end of class today) 

If you typed up your lab questions, you can share that and just hand in written lab packet to the metal basket 

 2. Introduction to vectors 

Watch the video linked here (see email or website for clickable link)

and work on packet associated with the video the last page is on your own 

there are two pages you work on on your own 
3. Sketching motion graphs: this is a follow-up to what we went over on Friday after the test.

Watch the linked video as you work on the handouts, there is also an extra page you will do on your own


Thanks very much. feel free to email any questions.


Mr. B


old due Friday:


newer notes:Chapter 3 notes.pdf

review for test

Test  Friday

1. Scientific notation + math with sci. not
2. Metric, mks, fund. vs derived, unit conversion ( like quiz)
3. Sig fig counting
4. Math with sig fig rounding
5. Precision vs. accuracy; dependent and independent vars.
6. Uncertainty; worst case volume calculation
7. read a caliper
8. Math relationships and graph types
9. equation solving
10. Vector vs. Scalar
11. Identifying vectors and scalars
12. Displacement vs. total distance

old due Weds:

review packet:chapter 2 2021 end packet.pdf

Test on Chapter 2 (maroon book) and Worst case uncertainty method Friday


old due Tuesday

a. complete packet:chapter 2 2021 worst case and cal pkt.pdf

b. Quest on Friday

c. Relationship notes:Chapter 2 relationsh notes.pdf

old due Monday 9-13

a. read over pages 16-34 in maroon book

b. complete handout:sig fig round hw aph.pdf

c if needed, use this video for help:


old HW due Friday-------------------------

Show course description to you parents

HW handout:sig dig practice with HW ap.pdf

Need a review?

Need some examples?chapter 2 sig fig counting and rounding notes 13.pdf



[email protected]


Recommended Supplies:

Needs for supplies:

**  supply of loose-leaf

Recommended for "binder" people:

        A binder that has a at least 4 sections

-HW for Regents-honors work

-HW for AP Physics work


-Section for Labs in progress and tests-revisions

If you hate binders

Get an ample 3 subject notebook

and 2-3 folders for handouts

**You should have a cm ruler and protractor (keep at home for lab completions)

**Graphing Calculator

TIP*** - get a hanging file box to "off load" material that accumulates as the year progresses. This will keep your binder more manageable, while still allowing you access to older material.