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The following are helpful websites for AP Calculus. 

Please let me know if you find any others that are helpful as well.

  1. Paul's Online Notes:
  2. Visual Calculus:
  3. Demos for Optimization:
  4. Inverse Derivatives:
  5. Calculus Applets:
  6. You Tube Videos on Slope Fields:

     7.Known Cross Section Volume: 

     8. Volume using Disk Method Applet:

     9. Computing Volumes:

    10. Calculus Probelms with step-by-step solutions:


    11. Tips on preparing for exams:


    12. Sample exams:

    13. Videos on Calculus topics:

    14.  Videos on Calculus topics:

    15.  Big Puzzle: Function and Derivative Graphs:

    16. Video Lessons:

    17.  Video Lessons:

    18.  Calculus Tutorials and More:

    19. Interactice learning:

    20. Math Applets:

    21. Calculus Applets:

    22. GeoGebra Web Applets and Links

    23. Wolfram Demonstrations:

     24. The Big Derivative Puzzle:

     25.  Videos on Calculus Topics:


     26. Online AP test prep:

  Instructions (for you and your students): 


-Go to and click on the "enroll now" button. 

-After creating an account, you will be taken to the billing page. Once on the billing page, enter the above promo code in the promo code field and make sure to hit "apply code". Since the code makes the website free, the rest of the billing information should go away. Make sure to hit "Enroll" and you'll be all set. Then head on over to the study room and get to work!

  1. 1. Visit and click on "I'm a student".
  2. 2. On the students page, choose "AP Calculus AB".
  3. 3. On the AP Calculus AB page, click on the "Enroll now" button.
  4. 4. Create an account or log in if you're already signed up.
  5. 5. You're now in your personal Study Room.
  6. 6. Click on the "Join a Class" tab on the left and enter this code: D38Z2JN  


   28. Ap Central : FR Videos utm_campaign=CL12752%20AP%20Calculus%20Nurture%20Email%202&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua&utm_content=CL12752%20AP%20Calculus%20Nurture%201_2nd%20send

                                          Ch.2 Videos

Rates of Chage

Limits Involving Infinity


Rates of Change, Tangent Lines and Sensitivity

                                          Ch.3 Videos

Derivative of a Function


Rules of Differentiation

Velocity and Other Rates of  Change

Derivative of Trigonometric Functions

                                       Ch.4 Videos

Chain Rule

Implict Differentiation

Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

                                      Ch.5 Videos

Extreme Values of Functions

Mean Value Theorem

Connecting f' and f'' with the Graph of f

Modeling and Optimization

Related Rates

                                      Ch.6 Videos

Estimating with Finite Sums

Definite Integrals

Definite Integrals and Antiderivatives

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Trapezoidal Rule

                                     Ch.7 Videos

Slope Fields

Antidifferentiation by Substitution

Exponential Growth and Decay

Antidifferentiation by Parts

                                    Ch.8 Videos

Accumulation and Net Change

Areas in the Plane


                                     Ch.9 Videos

L'Hospital's Rule


                          Here are a few Calculus review books you may want to purchase:

"Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam"
by Mark Howell and Martha Montgomery

Preparing for the 20XX Calculus (AB/BC) Exam
by George Best
Venture Publishing

Barron's  -How to prepare for the AP -11th edition

Cracking the AP Calculus AB and BC Exams
Princeton Review

Kaplan AP Calculus AB and BC