Mrs. Giles High School Art Website

Sketchbook Assignments



Glue this page on the inside cover of your sketchbook

  •   You are responsible for one sketchbook assignment per week.

  •   Each assignment should take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

  •   Low quality submissions will require doing over again. Sketchbook skill level should match in-class skill level.

  •   Choose any of the following sketchbook assignments to complete in any order.

Use crayon to create 10 texture rubbings of things around the house

Design 10 teacups with unique handles

Design 10 patterns
(no stripes, zig- zags, cheesy hearts/stars) Do not copy!

Collage photos, magazine clippings, or small objects to fill a page with things that inspire you.

Art survey:

Answer in your sketchbook. Who are you? What are your goals in life? How does art fit into your life and your future?

Draw 5 containers (cups, bowls, vases) from observation. Add shading to convey depth.

Think of your favorite food. Design a container to use specifically with that food.

Choose one of the following adjectives: organic, sharp, sewn, manufactured. Sketch a coffee mug based on that word.

Draw the same flower vase 5 times. Color each using a different color scheme. Label the color scheme. (Monochromatic, complementary, cool, warm, etc)

Choose a social issue that you care about (war, immigration, equal rights, pollution) and make a drawing that shows how you want things to change. Do not use any words!

Design a monument to your biggest accomplishment

Sketch an abstract sculpture that shows movement.

FREE DRAW. Fill a page with any ideas you have brewing

Design a tall vase that shows strong contrast. Consider any ways you can show contrast.

What would the skeleton of a mythical creature look like? Draw one!

Design a new musical instrument. Describe how it would sound. See the work of Dr. Seuss.

Sketch a tea set (1 tea pot and 2 cups) inspired by your favorite pair of shoes. Be creative!

What is the most precious thing to you in the world? Design a box in which to store it.

Lettering Design: This could be your name, a favorite quote, or something you just want to say. Try and fill up the image with as much text or lettering as you can.

Use cut paper to create a design that shows balance. How intricate can you make yours?



All sketches should be done from direct observation and should be bound in some type of box no smaller than 3” X 4”.


The more you sketch the better you will become and the easier the ideas will come to you. 


Extra credit will be given to extra work shown to me on Thursdays.