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NYS PE Profile

Competency in a variety of physical activities:
By the end of high school, students should be able to participate at an adult recreational level of the physical activity, suitable for maintaining a health-enhancing level of fitness.  Therefore, the standard of performance is the mature form of the sport-specific motor skills necessary to play the game, and not the technically proficient form of the skills as one would expect of a varsity level player.  Skills required may not include all possible skills related to the game, rather those necessary for full recreational participation within the standard rules of the game.  In addition, students should show their ability to play strategically, to play in accordance with the most important rules, and to play so that all involved can have a positive experience.  A minimum score of 3.0 across these four components of the rubric is considered competent (total score of 12-15).
Proficiency in a few select physical activities:
Students should be able to participate in some activities beyond the level of competency. Proficiency assumes more advanced performance of skills and strategy, ready understanding of the rules and conventions of the game, and the ability to demonstrate leadership in the game or activity through helping other players.  This corresponds to the level 4 in the four components.  A minimum score of 4 across the four components of an activity is considered proficient (total score of 16).
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