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Book Talk Rubric

Book Talk rubric   [for literary text]                                                              Name: ______________   Per:   AC  BD



  • Length: no more than 4 minutes [about 7 sentences]

                  Use post-its to mark your book for sections 4,5,6 below

  • Choose a chapter/section or topic
  • If there is a video online lead-in, you can use it.
  • What needs to be covered:
  1. Title, author’s name
  2. Main idea/theme or overall subject - in one sentence
  3. Brief plot of the chapter/section you are focusing on – in one sentence
  4. Describe a main character by assigning 2-3 traits and one example of that trait (a quotation here would be good).
  5. If there character development, discuss it in one sentence.
  6. Author’s language: give one example/quotation of the author’s use of diction [nothing too long - focus on key words]
  7. Quote a literary element - foreshadowing, flashback, mood/atmosphere, dialogue, setting, imagery, personification, motif, symbol, metaphor – and explain how it conveys the author’s intent or on its impact on meaning.

TIP: Write your notes about #1-7 below. Also, write the page #s for #5 , 6 and 7, in the section below to help you remember what you want to say -- but don't just "read" your information, "speak" it: