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Homework Policy


If there is ELA grade level homework, we do as much as we can in class.

All AS ELA skills work is done in class and there is no homework.


If we do a Home Reading Log (HRL) …

What:  The HRL is all about daily reading for fun while building skills without even knowing that you’re mixing business and pleasure. The key is enjoyment, commitment and continuity.


Who: The HRL is a daily reading log that is monitored by a parent/home adult. Students read at their independent reading level. Students can choose to read the same book, or a different book, at home and in class during Readers’ Workshop, and that means that they can practice reading strategies using a book of their own choice. Students challenge themselves by changing genres and reading more challenging text from quarter to quarter.


Why: Reading at home is vital to maintain vocabulary awareness, vocabulary growth, to sharpen comprehension, to build reading fluency and stamina, and expand imagination and critical thinking … all this, while reading what you are personally interested in, and want to know more about.


What the research says: We take a research-based approach to daily reading at home. The key is for students to read what they enjoy reading, to experiment with reading across the genres, and to read no less than 20 minutes daily for least 4 days a week,  with the student’s choice of those days. A parent/adult signs off on seeing their child reading daily. I collect the HRLs weekly, and this helps me to (1) track a student’s reading practice, (2) make connections between consistent daily reading and literacy skill development throughout the year.


Using the HRL, we are able to celebrate and develop literacy every day in a fun way.


More: The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) has recently published its 2007 findings on students’ reading habits. For information go to  Focus on pages 6 -15 for statistics.