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Module 3 - Linear & Exponential Functions

Topic A:  Linear and Exponential Sequences

Lesson 1:  Integer Sequences—Should You Believe in Patterns? (F-IF.A.3)

Lesson 2:    Recursive Formulas for Sequences (F-IF.A.3)(F-BF.A.1a)

Lesson 3:    Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

Sequences Lesson

Lesson 4:    Why Do Banks Pay YOU to Provide Their Services?

Lesson 5:    The Power of Exponential Growth

How to write an exponential growth function

Distinguishing between an exponential growth and decay functions by comparing equations and graphs

Lesson 6:    Exponential Growth—U.S. Population and World Population

Lesson 7:    Exponential Decay

Topic B:  Functions and Their Graphs


Lesson 8:     Why Stay with Whole Numbers?


Lesson 9-10:  Representing, Naming, and Evaluating Functions   (F-IF.A.1)(F.IF.A.2)(F.IF.B.4)


Lesson 11:     The Graph of a Function (F.IF.B.5)


Lesson 12:     The Graph of the Equation y = f(x) 


Lesson 13:     Interpreting the Graph of a Function

Domain and Range of Graphs

Increasing/Decreasing/Positive/Negative Intervals

Lesson 14:     Linear and Exponential Models—Comparing Growth Rates


Topic C:  Transformations of Functions


Lesson 15:            Piecewise Functions 

Lesson 16:            Graphs Can Solve Equations Too

Lesson 17 - 20:     Four Interesting Transformations of Functions

YouTube Video: Vertical & Horizontal Stretches of Functions

Absolute Value Functions Interactive Tool

Absolute Value Game

Quadratic Functions Interactive Tool

Topic D:  Using Functions & Graphs to Solve Problems


Lesson 21:     Comparing Linear and Exponential Models Again  

Lesson 22:     Modeling an Invasive Species Population 

Lesson 24:     Piecewise and Step Functions in Context