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7.RP - Ratio & Proportion Domain

7.RP  - Ratio & Proportion Domain


7.RP.1 - Compute Unit Rates associated with Ratios

7.RP.2 - Recognize and Represent Proportional Relationships between Quantities

  • 7.RP.2a – Decide whether two quantities are in a proportional relationship
  • 7.RP.2b – Identify the constant of proportionality (unit rate) using:
  • 7.RP.2c Represent proportional relationships by equations.
  • 7.RP.2d – Explain what a point (x, y) on the graph of a proportional relationship means in terms of the situation, with special attention to the points (0, 0) and (1, r) where r is the unit rate.

7.RP.3 - Use proportional relationships to solve ratio & percent problems

  • simple interest

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