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Welcome to My Resources!

I hope you find these resources useful!  Please let me know if there is anything else you think would be useful! I'd be happy to put the link or form here for you!


Important Links

Sight Word Learning  



Scholastic Online Ordering

      Please use this site to purchase books from our Scholastic Book Order. Our classroom ordering information is H92MK. Please enter this code for our class choices. I have also included recommendations and a wish list. Thank you for your orders! username: MrsGiamportonesKindergarten Password: kindergarten156G If you have any problems, please send me an email. Thanks so much for your order! Sincerely, Mrs. Giamportone

NWEA-MAP-Parent Tool Kit

      Throughout this site, you will find information about our newest assessment tool. Please visit the home page if you would like more information. Please call or email me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them or find someone who can answer them :)


      This site explains the new Common Core State Standards. It will explain how this whole initiative came about, it's objectives, and the new standards.

Kids A-Z 

                  Use this site to help your children learn to read! You will find all kinds of fun stories for your children to read or to have read to them. They can even record their voices as they read a story on their reading levels. We will also be using this site during our ELA time in class.

 Teach Your Monster to Read

                  Use your child's username and password to create a monster and begin his/her reading journey!!!  Passwords and usernames will be sent to you by the first day of school. Students start with letters and sounds and then move on to more complicated reading skills as they teach their monster how to read!

Activities and Enrichment for Kindergarten

      This is a good site for children to practice their reading and math skills. Let me know what you and your child think!

Fall Books and Crafts

      This site gives you the title of lots of books about fall! Then it also show some cool crafts you could make with your child. I will be reading and completing the craft for Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery. Enjoy these great books!

Book Wizard

      A useful site that will teach you about Leveled Reading and offer an assortment of book titles you might want to start reading with your child over the summer!

Fundations Web Site

      While this web-site is mostly for teachers, it will give you some information about our new program. This program has been adopted in RCSD and in Spackenkill, as well as a few other districts in Dutchess County.

Optical Illusions 
Do you see what I see????


Echo the Bat

      Follow this cute story about Echo the Bat. See how much you can learn about bats.

Seussville on the Internet

      This site talks about everything Seuss! Play games with your favorite Dr. Seuss characters like the Grinch!Learn about the real Dr. Seuss. You can find out more about all his books here!

The Official Ground Hog Day Website!

      Did he? Didn't he? Look here for the latest news on the world's most favorite groundhog!

Making Hand Shadows!

      This site shows you how to make animal shadows using your hands.

Dental Health

      This web site has activities for your child to help encourage good dental care. In February, your child will be learning about ways to take care of his/her teeth. Enjoy the site!

Eric Carle's Home Site

      Learn all you want about this wonderful author and illustrator! Read Eric Carle's blog and learn more about his fabulous stories!

Gingerbread Activities for Home

      Jan Brett is a fantastic author. She has a great web site that connects her literature to different activities and coloring pages! I hope you enjoy these pages. We will be reading her story The Gingerbread Baby when we return from our Thanksgiving break!

Drippy the Raindrop Travels through the Water Cycle

      Follow Drippy and learn what happens to a water droplet as it travels through the water cycle!

Sight Words

    Creative ways to help you practice sight words at home!