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MathBits Graphing Calculator Website


Dutchess County BOCES A variety of resources for parents, students, and other teachers living or working in Dutchess County.

Internet 4 Classrooms Math activities broken down by category(based on Tennessee Curriculum Standards)

Learn Alberta (Canada) 6th Grade Math Resource - Lessons, Glossary, Videos

Learn Alberta (Canada) Grades 7-9 Math Resources - includes short videos of everyday math applications.

Math Tools Math lessons on various topics with games included.,7.1.4,ALL,ALL/

NCTM Illuminations Activities and Lessons for Math K-12

Western Illinois University Online Math Games, Demonstration/Exploration Tools, and Puzzles

Math Related Careers Videos

IXL Math

Gizmo Collection (Math Manipulatives)

8th grade Gizmo Collection

7th grade Gizmo Collection

6th grade Gizmo Collection



Regents Review (Algebra B)