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As we progress in the school year, this page will be updated with links to study guides and helpful resources.


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    Print these blank graphs for your graphing homework


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Our textbook

        Use this link to gain access to our online textbook. If you are in Math 7, use the RED book. If you are in Accelerated, use the ORANGE ADVANCED 2 book.

                              Username: bulkeley          Password: bigideasmath



Math 7                                                            Accelerated


Absolute Value Millionaire                                             Algebraic expression Millionaire

adding integers-fruit smash                                          algebra Who wants to be a millionaire

Fraction fruit smash                                                     multi-step equation basketball

add and subtract fraction board game                           Transformation game

absolute value race

subtracting integer pirate game



You Tube Videos

Weird Numbers

         A horrific story about rational numbers

Slope Song

      Click here for the fun slope song.... na na na na na na na

Another slope song

    Rise up, run out

X finds out his value cartoon