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Who Is Mrs. Giamportone?

Who am I?

My name is Doreen Giamportone. I have been married to my husband for 32 years this August. I have two amazing daughters, Michelle (RHS Graduate) and Marissa (RHS Graduate). Michelle graduated from  the University of Miami but is now heading back to earn her Master's Degree. Marissa attends Ohio State, where she is an EDUCATION major. I was born and raised in NY and my parents still live in Wappingers Falls.  I had two brothers. My one brother, Scott, died back in August of 2005 due to complications from Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy at age 29.  He was my hero and my inspiration.  I have another brother who lives in San Diego and we look forward to seeing him, his wife and his children every Christmas.  Shortly after getting married, my husband and I moved to Malibu, California. We bought a house in Oxnard, California and lived in California for ten years. I still miss it every day!  We decided to return to the East Coast when our daughter Michelle was born.  It was always so hard to be away from our families.

  I am a 1983 graduate of Roy C. Ketcham.  I graduated from Dutchess Community College in 1985 with a Liberal Arts Degree.  I attended Mt. St. Mary College from 1985-1987 and graduated with my Teaching Certification and a Bachelor's Degree. I also attended education classes at Cal. State Northridge and received my Master's Degree in Special Education in December 2006 from SUNY New Paltz. 

  I am certified to teach Pre-K through 6th grade in NY and was previously certified to teach in California. I cannot believe that I have now been here at Rhinebeck for 18 years! And all of them have been in Kindergarten!

 Over the years, I have taken numerous competency tests. Some that I remember were the NTE, CBEST, MSAT, and LAST.  I think there were a few more too! It seemed like each time I took a test, the State Education Departments of both states would decide they needed another one!

 My first full-time teaching experience was a third grade class in the Pine Plains School District. I loved teaching third grade! It was the first of many long-term maternity substitutions. I was a substitute teacher in many schools in the Arlington, Hyde Park, and Pine Plains School Districts. 

When we moved to California, I was hired in a private school called the Carden School of Santa Monica. I taught first grade and learned so much!  The Carden Method is a very controlled method of teaching using phonics and many of the reading "rules" are now found in our new Fundations program.  I taught at the Carden School for 4 years. Once we bought our house in Oxnard, I looked for a school that was closer to our new home. I was hired to teach Kindergarten at another school, Pinecrest Thousand Oaks. 

 Pinecrest was also a private school. I started in Kindergarten and then moved up to fourth grade.  I loved the Pinecrest School. Pinecrest was a group of affiliated schools throughout California. My students had P.E. every day and there were two pools on the campus.  Imagine, swimming for P.E. classes!  After a year, I was asked to move up to fourth grade.  Our fourth-grade classes were so much fun because we had a homeroom, but we also got to teach all the children. The children were grouped by abilities for math and reading, but the three teachers also took different subjects to teach. I taught Core Literature to all the fourth grades.  I loved reading and discussing novels with them. I even taught them how to diagram a sentence!  I love diagramming sentences. While at Pinecrest, I was chosen to attend a program called Quest. The Quest program was designed to positively empower and support children to help them become nurturing and caring adults. It was a tremendous program that helped build the school community. 

 In an effort to support one of my students, I had the opportunity to interact with a local public school. I decided to give the public school a chance and interview for a job. I was hired to teach at Dos Caminos Elementary School in Camarillo, CA.  I was hired to teach first grade. It was quite an interesting year to be hired. California voters had recently passed a law stating that all grades from first through third had to be at a 1:20 ratio (one teacher for 20 students). If there were more than 20 students registered for a class, the "overflow" was sent to me at Dos Caminos. My classroom was in a quadrant of a huge multi-purpose building. Once a spot opened at the student's home school, he/she was allowed to stay at Dos Caminos or return to his/her home school. This was a very challenging position, as I had to be sure that my students were receiving the appropriate education within the district so that they could return to their home school ready to learn! I was the secretary to the PTA and was on the Library and Computer Committees. I was happy that many of my students decided to stay with me and some of those families remain my friends to this day.  I also taught third grade at Dos Caminos. I stayed until my daughter Michelle was 1 year old and I knew I needed to be back in NY to be with my brother.  It was a hard decision to leave Dos Caminos and the friends and students I had worked with for so long. I often miss my Dolphins! I still visit their web pages to see what's new and who's who!  I'm glad that some of them are still my friends and that I get to hear about their lives and the school through their messages. 

 When we moved back to NY, I took some time off to spend with my family and my little girl. I started substituting in Hyde Park, Arlington and Rhinebeck.  I completed a maternity leave replacement and a medical leave replacement.  I also became pregnant with my second daughter, Marissa. I took some time off to be with Marissa before I started substituting again.  I started substituting in Rhinebeck where Mrs. Clarke was principal at CLS. I had worked with Mrs. Clarke in Hyde Park before we moved to California.  I found out that there was a position available in Kindergarten. The district was moving from a half-day kindergarten program to a full day kindergarten program. I interviewed for the job. The interview involved a lot of people! I also had to go in and teach a lesson with lots of adults watching me and a video camera following me around the kindergarten classroom.  I felt so lucky and blessed to be given the opportunity to teach Kindergarten! It was an exciting time, but it was also a learning time for me-filled with growth both personally and professionally. I have now been teaching at Chancellor Livingston for 16  years. I have been able to attend some wonderful professional development workshops and our district continues to be at the front of all the new research and Common Core requirements. I am always amazed how quickly RCSD responds to the new challenges. I am often the first one to mention new ideas and requirements to my teacher friends outside the RCSD.  While some of my friends have asked me to change grades, I have a great love and respect for Kindergarten. I eagerly look forward to my days in school and my new classes at the beginning of a new year.  Teaching is more than just my job! It is my hobby and my passion.

Having an empty nest is new to me. But it offers me the opportunity to dive right into my passion! YOU AND Education! I am currently on the PTSO and part of the RTA. I enjoy being a part of our school district in many different ways! I hope you will join me on the PTSO! WE NEED YOU!

  I hope that this page offers you some insight into my qualifications and my experiences. Should you have any questions about the information listed here, please do not hesitate to contact me.