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module-1 CCLS

Common Core Literacy

New York State Education Department

Common Core Learning Standards

ELA Grade 6

Brain Pop
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Brain Pop
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Link - description
Family Guide for Percy Jackson
Tour Guide for Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson Video
Link - description
Island of Lemurs IMAX Site

TFK Lemurs

 "Island of Lemurs Goes Beyond Cute..."

The Giant Lemur

How Smart Are Lemurs?

Video about Island of the Lemurs

Lemur Photos

Lemurs sunning, playing...

Let's do the lemur dance!Surviving on an island of change

Ring Tail Lemur Facts

National Geographic~ Lemurs

Lemur World Website

Website~ Madagascar

Children pet Sefo, a lemur

Lemur eats rice

Facts about Madagascar

Mouse lemur

Lemur Facts

Endangered Lemurs of Madagascar

5 Facts about Lemurs

 Indri singing lemur of Madagascar

Ring tail lemur video outdoors

Lemurs on the Tsingy Cliffs

Ring Tail Informative Video

Fossa pictures

Animal Guide for Lemurs

People playing with lemurs at a zoo

Baby lemur learning to leap

Ring tail eating

Informative Ring Tail video

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Unwrapped: Popcorn
Behind-the-Scenes at a Popcorn Company
What is Popcorn?
Jolly Time Popcorn
Dr. Wright Videos
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Essay Task Link #1
Essay Task Link #2
Other Links
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Read Kiddo Read
Personal Pronoun Song
Other Pronoun Song
Engage NY