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What Do Students Learn in Library?

Curriculum:  The library curriculum is aligned with the district and common core standards and with classroom curriculum as possible.

 Kindergarten: The kindergarten students learn what a library is and how it functions.  They learn what an author and illustrator do, listen to readalouds from several and study one in depth.  They learn to use picture spine labels to help them locate books in the Easy section and about ABC order.  They explore fiction and non-fiction and participate in engaging craft projects to reinforce concepts, ideas and reading for pleasure.  Students learn basic computer skills.

First grade: In first grades students reinforce and become experts at what fiction and non-fiction is. They learn what the everyone section is (primarily picture books), how everyone fiction and non-fiction is arranged, and how to independently locate resources. We study an author and illustrator and explore a variety of genres of literature. Literary extension activities may include acting out stories, crafts, writing and projects.  Students learn basic computer skills.

Second grade: Second graders learn about the sections of the library and how they are arranged. We explore what each section means and how it is arranged through readalouds and other activities such as Reader's Theater, author studies, writing or projects. Students also learn how to locate books from a section.  Students learn how to locate a book at their just right reading level.  Students participate in a Mock Caldecott Award unit.  Students learn about digital citizenship and how to begin safely navigating online resources.

Third grade: Students practice locating books from the sections and how to use the online catalog to independently locate a book. Students write original poetry during a collaborative poetry project with art called Scranimals (based on the book by poet Jack Prelutsky.) Readalouds include a variety of genres and an author study.  Students learn about online safety and digital citizenship.

Fourth grade: Students learn about the resources located in the library. Students learn what a bibliography is and to cite a book and website. They practice research skills through a mythology research project with a final creative product.  Students learn about online safety and digital citizenship.

Fifth grade: Students continue to learn about the resources located in the library with an emphasis on online resources and databases. Students learn to evaluate and how to cite sources of information. Students learn about responsible digital citizenship and online safety.  They practice research skills through a research project aligned with their fifth grade curriculum such as researching a state. Readalouds emphasize biographies, westward expansion and oceans.  Students learn about coding and other ways we create and transmit knowledge.

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E-books available  for students at home include: