At Home Learning

CLS STEM Assignments


Hello CLS students and their families - 

I've been thinking about you during this strange time.  I miss all of you and hope that you are safe and healthy during this time away from school.  Here are "at home learning" resources and suggested activities to keep you having fun and learning each week that we are away from school. Please do any activities on this page, regardless of week or grade level.

Please check back for updated weekly resources as they become available during this unique time.  Feel free to email me, [email protected] with questions or comments. 

Here is a hello video from me!

Last Week - Gratitude Build

Think about a friend or a relative or a teacher and build something for them because you are grateful to have them in your life. Use craft sticks or legos or anything else you have around the house. When you are finished, if you can't show it to them directly, send them a photo of it. If I could I would build something for each and every one of you because I am grateful you have been my students this year. Have a great last week and a phenomenal summer!

Week 12 - Science!

K-1st - Try Dry Erase. Make a drawing float around and move!

2nd-3rd - Try Orange Fizz. It's a fun way to experience an acid/base chemical reaction. (With parent supervision)

4th-5th - Make Crystal Candy. This involves cooking, so you need a parent to help.

Week 11 - Coding

Try CodeMonkey! Go to and select Start for Free, then I am a student, then I have a code, then use the code 2ngrm. Then give yourself a username and a password, choose an avatar and try it out. There are coding challenges for all levels. Let me know what you think!

Week 10 STEM assignments

Fun Science Activities - This week, do some fun Science activities from the  Science Buddies website. 

Below, there are some I suggested for different grade levels, but feel free to do others. Please email me with a photo and tell me about what you learned.

K - 1st - Balancing Act - Find (non-breakable) materials and try to balance them. What shapes balance the best?

2nd-3rd - Really Long Straw - Can you make a straw that is 3ft high? 5 ft? 10 ft? What happens as you try to drink from longer straws. Try it!

4th - 5th - Candle Seesaw Balancing Act - Learn about fulcrums and levers and use fire! Note: This one requires parent supervision for the match lighting part.


Week 9 STEM assignments

K - 2nd - Save a Potato Challenge

Criteria and Constraints

  • Potato must not fall out of carrier
  • Must use materials that can be found around the house

3rd - 5th - Astronaut Food Packaging Challenge

Criteria and Constraints

  • Must model a container that will prevent food from floating away with no gravity.
  • Must use materials you can find around your house.

Week 8 STEM assignments

Here's a PE/STEM challenge for all students! -

Back to Coding!

K-2nd - Blockly

Try this coding program. They get more challenging as you progress.

3rd - 5th - Code Combat

Try this fun Coding program where you play a game and learn JavaScript. Follow this link to join with a class link. You will have to create your own student account.


Week 7 STEM assignments

More Design Challenges!!

Note: I purposely don't give you examples because I want to see what you come up with on your own.

K - 1 - Umbrella Challenge

  • Your challenge is to make an umbrella for a stuffed animal.

Criteria and Constraints

  • Must keep the stuffed animal dry when you pour half a cup of water on it.
  • Must use materials you find around the house. Some suggestions are cereal boxes, paper, plastic wrap/bags, craft sticks, etc. Be Creative!

2nd-3rd - Marble Maze Challenge

  • Your challenge is to make your own flat marble maze.

Criteria and Constraints

  • Must stand on it's own.
  • Must use materials you find around the house. Some suggestions are cut up cereal boxes, cardboard, legos, tape, etc.
  • Must have some curvy parts and right angles. Must have some wrong way dead ends.

4th - 5th - Zip Line Challenge

  • Your challenge is to make a carrier for a Lego minifig or other figurine to go down a 4 ft. zipline

Criteria and Constraints

  • Figurine must ride the whole way without falling out.
  • Must use household materials. Use fishing line, dental floss, or string for the zipline. (Ask before you take all the floss.)
  • Zipline must be at least four feet long.

Week 6 STEM assignment

Here is a week 6 greeting video  -

Design Challenges

K-1st - Alphabet Challenge

  • Your challenge is to build a letter of the alphabet that will stand by itself.

Criteria and Constraints:

  • MUST stand by itself
  • MUST be made out of at least 2 materials.
  • CANNOT use more than 3 materials.

2nd - 3rd - Paper Chair Challenge

  • Your challenge is to build a chair out of paper that can hold a stuffed animal

Criteria and Constraints:

  • Must stand by itself
  • Can only use paper and tape
  • Must look like a chair

4th - 5th - Sneaker Challenge

  • Your challenge is to build an earth-friendly sneaker.

Criteria and Constraints:

  • Must fit on your foot
  • Must use repurposed materials you have in your house
  • Must be comfortable

For more guidance with this one you can look at this link.

Week 5 STEM assignment


Like always, please feel free to do any of the activities above. This week, let's do a little science exploration. Go to this site.

Research some record setting creatures. Draw a picture of the record-setting animal, and write a couple sentences about what you learned. You can use this document if you like.

Record Setting Creatures.docx

Also, if you go on any nature walks, send me a photo of any animals you see out and about in the springtime.

As always, I would love to hear from you what you've learned. Just send me a quick email about what you did, and certainly contact me if you have questions.  


Mr. W

Week 4 STEM assignment

Hello everyone!

Feel free to continue to do any of the activities in the link above. There is lots of great STEMtastic projects to do there. 

However, if you want to do some coding...

Go ahead and use Scratch Jr or Tynker to build on what we've learned in class or:

Go to and do some of their awesome coding projects. These are independent, fun, coding activities that range from pre-readers up through middle school. Kids will love these. Start by going to this link - Then pick an appropriate place to start and go for it. 

I would love to hear from you what you've learned. Just send me a quick email about what you did, and certainly contact me if you have questions.  

Live long and prosper,

Mr. W


Week 1-3  STEM assignment 

Time to build something! Go to the website below. Choose a project, watch the video, and build it. If possible, send me a photo or video of you building/testing your design. I miss seeing you build cool things. This should be fun!

When you finish, draw a picture of what you made and tell me something you learned from the experience. Please email me your response! Here is a sheet to show your work. 

STEM assignment 2.docx