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Welcome to music!

4th Grade

Week 13 (June 8th-12th)

Dear 4th Graders,


Happy last week of school!! Please use this week to catch up on any home learning assignments you may have missed. Also, please send me three ideas for songs to sing and/or play in music next year. They should be songs that you like that would also be good for a group of people to sing or play together.


Have a wonderful summer! I’ll be thinking of you all!



Mrs. Grover



Week 12 (June 1st-5th)


Dear 4th Graders,

I’m so glad you had fun playing with Mario Paint! I have one more lesson for you to do with the program this week:

Make two different songs on Mario Paint:

  1. Create a song that ends the same way it begins, but make the middle whichever way you like
  2. Make the second song using only percussion sounds (remember, percussion sounds are instruments that you hit to make a sound - drums, xylophones, even the piano is a percussion instrument!)

Email me to share what you’re working on!



Week 11 (May 26th-29th)


Dear 4th Graders,

Thank you for sharing all of your recycled instruments with me! I really enjoyed watching your videos and seeing all of your creations. 

For music this week, watch the video for instructions and read on below:


1. Experiment with Mario Paint  and make your own song! Use the pictures at the top to make different sounds.

2. Answer these questions: 

    • What happens when you put one of the pictures on the highest part of the staff?
    • What about on the lowest?
    • What kind of sound does the cupcake make?

3. If you want to share your song with me:

    1. Copy the link by clicking on “save/load” at the bottom of the screen. Then click on “publish to a shareable URL” and then “copy link.” Paste the link into an email to me. OR
    2. Take a screenshot of your original composition and send it to [email protected] 

How to take a screenshot - Mac 

How to take a screenshot - Windows



Week 10 (May 18th-22nd)


Dear 4th Graders,

I am so excited for you to make your own instruments! Watch the video below to see some instruments I made with my family:


This week:

  1. ASSEMBLE: Assemble your instrument. Put your pieces together. Experiment! It might require a few tries to get it to stay together and make the sound you are looking for. Some examples of things you can use to hold your instrument together are: glue, duct tape, string, yarn, twine, rubber bands, screws/nails (with the help of a grownup).
  2. PLAY: Play your new instrument! Make changes to the way your instrument is put together, or change your materials until you are completely happy with the sound that comes out.
  3. RECORD: Make an audio or video recording of you playing your instrument either by yourself, or along to your favorite song! Send it to me at [email protected].If you already sent me a video last week, you don’t need to send another one, but you can if you'd like. And feel free to make more instruments!


Week 9 (May 11th-15th)

Dear 4th graders,

I loved reading about your interviews and the differences between the music you like and the music your grandparents and special friends used to listen to! I hope everyone is having a great week. 


For music this week, watch the video for instructions and read on below:

  1. Watch this video about the recycled orchestra in Paraguay:  The Recycled Orchestra 
  2. Here’s a post with homemade instrument ideas: 6 DIY Instruments 
  3. For inspiration: 72 homemade instruments in 7 minutes. These instruments are SUPER fancy and your instrument does NOT need to look like these, but it’s a cool example of what someone can do.
  4. Gather household items you can up-cycle into an instrument next week. Collect materials around the house to create your instrument. Some suggestions are: Empty bottles and cans, empty tissue box, buttons, rice, beans, styrofoam, old toys, paper or plastic, tubes, boxes, rubber bands. 

Take a picture of your materials and send it to me ([email protected]) with a description of what you hope to make!



Week 8 (May 4th-8th)

Dear 4th Graders,

I hope you’re all doing well! Great work on the bucket drumming unit. I loved watching your videos and seeing the innovative materials you used for drumming.


This week, you’ll be interviewing a grandparent or a special friend and finding out about the music they listened to when they were your age. Here are the instructions:


  1. Contact your grandparent or special friend and interview them using the questions provided here: Interview a grandparent music lesson.pdf Please note that there are two pages. Feel free to use this as a guide and also come up with some of your own questions!
  2. Listen to your grandparent or special friend’s favorite song. How is it different from or the same as the music you listen to?
  3. What did you learn about your grandparent or special friend that surprised or inspired you?
  4. Send the answers from the interview guide questions to [email protected]


Week 7 (April 27th-May 1st)

Dear 4th Graders,


Great work last week! I love watching you play. This is the last week we’ll work on bucket drumming. See this week’s instructions below:


1. Practice either Copper and Tin or The Cups Song - or both!

     Copper and Tin Bucket Drumming Tutorial

     Copper and Tin Play Along 


2. If you’re doing the Cups Song use this sheet music: Cup Song Bucket Drumming.pdf. Here’s a link to the kidzbop version if you want to play along.


3. Send me a video of you playing either of these new songs or a song from a previous lesson. Happy drumming!


Week 6 (April 20th-24th)

Dear Fourth Graders, Thank you for your videos! It’s great to see how creative you’ve been with finding bucket drumming materials. Here are your instructions for music this week:

1. Watch the video about this week’s song and musical form:


2. This week, work on Dance of the Reed Pipes. Do your best to incorporate the dynamics throughout. If this seems too challenging, practice Stick To It or any song from last week or the week before.

Play Along Video:


3. Send me a video of you playing either Dance of the Reed Pipes, Stick To It, or any of the previous bucket drumming assignments. You can also make up your own rhythm and send me a video of you playing it!



Week(April 13th-17th)

Dear Fourth Graders, Thank you for your videos! I enjoyed watching you play. This week, you’ll have three different rhythms to practice. The third is the most challenging, so stick with the first two if that works better for you. Next week, we will increase the challenge, but please let me know if you want me to send you something harder before then! 


Here are the instructions for music this week:

1. Watch and play along with the new bucket drumming tutorials here:

Top Hats Play Along 

Off the Rim Play Along

Stick To It! Play Along



2. Practice “Top Hats,” “Off the Rim,” and “Stick to It,” either with me in the video or using the play along version (You may want to practice outside or ask your family where the best place is).

***For an added challenge, try the dynamics on “Stick to It”*


3. Send me a video of you playing “Top Hats,” and/or “Off the Rim,” and/or “Stick to It!”



Week 4 (April 6th-10th)

Dear Fourth Graders, thank you for sharing your song suggestions with me. I’m really enjoying listening to the music that you like! If you haven’t sent me a song yet, please do!

Here are the instructions for music this week:

  1. Watch and play along with the first bucket drumming lesson here: Bucket Drumming #1
  2. Practice “Side Step,” either with me in the video or using the play along version at the end of the video. (You may want to practice outside or ask your family where the best place is).
  3. Send me a video ([email protected]) of you playing “Side Step” OR make up your own bucket rhythm and send me a video of you playing it. 


Week 3 (March 30th-April 3rd)

  1. Email me at [email protected] with a recommendation of a song to listen to that YOU LIKE. Tell me why you like it and what genre you think it is (Rock? Pop? Country? Rap?). 
  2. Fill out the Listening Reflection worksheet (link below). Bonus points if I’ve never heard the song before!
  3. Find some materials to use for drumming so we can start a virtual bucket drumming unit. You can use a bucket, of course, but a small trash can turned upside down would also work, or a pot, even a big pail you might use at the beach or a large plastic tupperware container. You’ll also need drum sticks - they could be rhythm sticks, chopsticks, wooden spoons, or actual sticks from your yard if you can’t find anything else!

Listening Reflection Worksheet


Weeks 1 and 2