Miss Lane's Classroom Webpage

March 2017

academic ideas 1




     read various books (nonfiction and fiction). 

Fiction books- ask your child what characters are in the book.  Was there a main character?  Ask them to describe character(s).  Ask your child about the setting in the book.  Ask your child what happened in the book (details). Ask your child how the story ended. 

Nonfiction books- talk about book (main idea of book). 

You can always do this through writing and drawing. 

Writing- Write stories or opinion writing, Write me a letter, write a story.  Remember spaces, capitals, periods, sight words.  

Math-  write numbers 1-20 and beyond, addition and subtraction facts, review 2 D shapes (triangle, square, rectangle, circle, hexagon, oval) Ask them about sides and angels (how many). 

Science-  Talk about 5 senses.  How do they help you?  

Other ideas-  hidden idea pictures, take walks or hikes, cook, build things, play games. 

I will update as we go through this trying times.