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3rd Grade Enrichment & Engagement (Updated 3/17)

Third Grade Enrichment & Engagement


Good Morning Families,

We just wanted to take a moment to reach out to you during our district’s closing.  The third grade team has put together a collection of materials that focuses on review, reinforcement and enrichment instruction. Below are a handful of possible suggestions that you can utilize in an effort to engage your children while they are at home. While we do understand that there may be restrictions that prevent them from doing everything listed below, we do encourage them to complete whatever can be done.  Lastly, we did want to take the opportunity to notify you of our postponement of the Italian festivals scheduled for April 1st. We will meet as a third grade team when we reconvene school to discuss other possible ventures to share our learning with all of you. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance in any way please do not hesitate to reach out.

All the best,

Tennille Morrissey

William Morrissey

Meghan Craft  


Below you will find two PDFs that will help students review previously taught concepts and even challenge students with enrichment activities. The Big Ideas Math website can also be used as needed. If you child does not have their password and wishes to use the website please reach out to your teacher.    


Unit 11 > Understanding Fractions, equivalence and comparison (Click this link)

Unit 12 > Understand time, liquid volume, and mass (Click this link)

Big Ideas Math Website Help. (Click this link)


Supporting Websites


Content (Italy)

During the past few weeks the students have been exploring the different aspects of Italian culture.  Below are a few topics that your child can research to learn more. If so desired they can journal their findings.  

  • Family Life
  • Cuisine
  • Landmarks
  • Currency
  • Religion
  • Art & Architecture 
  • Holidays



Opportunities for continued reading enrichment are endless. Recently students have been focusing on character development within fiction books. Utilizing this time to explore books would be ideal. Below you will find a PDF that details an assortment of fun book report activities that students can engage themselves in. Once school resumes we will dedicate time to allow students to share their book report creations. In addition, students have access to Raz-Kids, Epic!, and ReadWorks where they can read short books (fiction and nonfiction) and then answer corresponding comprehension questions. Some students will have this log-in information in the front cover of their planners. For those students who do not, their teacher will forward that information to parents via email and/or ClassDojo/Remind upon request.  

*Book Report Ideas (Click this link)


Supporting Websites  



Below you will find some ideas to promote writing during their time away from the classroom.


ENL Materials/Information via Ms. Rice:

Dear Students and Families, 

         First of all I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy now and during the next few weeks to come. As a school community we are going to provide you with wrk for your child to complete while they are not at school. You will be given work from your child’s classroom teacher but I would also like to supply you with online resources and printed materials to help your child’s English language development continue while they are out of the school building. I normally work with your child for about 40 minutes a day on these skills outside of their normal classroom time. 


          The ENL Department will be mailing paper packets out to you on Wednesday. I have created a list of what to do with these papers and online resources. I suggest that your child spend 30-40 minutes a day participating in activities from this list in addition to their classroom assigned work.  


          I can also be available to help them with any of their classroom assigned work through email and other online platforms such as Google Hangouts and eventually video and audio conferencing. Please contact me if you have any questions or need help with any of the work. My email is [email protected]. If you need to send an email in your native language, I have translation tools that will let me translate it. 

          The following page gives great online resources if you have internet access. I have also provided a packet of work that your child can complete and additional activities that do not require printed pages. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY EXTRA SERVICES THE WEBSITES OFFER OR ASK YOU TO PAY FOR. EVERYTHING I MENTIONED SHOULD BE FREE. 


          Again, please contact me with any questions or concerns. I will continually check my email throughout the normal school day (9:00 to 3:30) and be available for help. 


Estimados estudiantes y familias,

En primer lugar, espero que usted y sus seres queridos estén seguros y saludables ahora y durante las próximas semanas. Como comunidad escolar, vamos a proporcionarle trabajo para que su hijo complete mientras no está en la escuela. El maestro de su hijo le dará trabajo, pero también me gustaría proporcionarle recursos en línea y materiales impresos para ayudar a que el desarrollo del idioma inglés de su hijo continúe mientras están fuera del edificio escolar. Normalmente trabajo con su hijo durante aproximadamente 40 minutos al día en estas habilidades fuera de su horario normal de clase.

El Departamento de ENL le enviará paquetes de papel el miércoles. He creado una lista de qué hacer con estos documentos y recursos en línea. Sugiero que su hijo pase 30-40 minutos al día participando en actividades de esta lista además del trabajo asignado en el aula.

También puedo estar disponible para ayudarlos con cualquiera de sus trabajos asignados en el aula a través del correo electrónico y otras plataformas en línea como Hangouts de Google y, finalmente, conferencias de video y audio. Comuníquese conmigo si tiene alguna pregunta o necesita ayuda con alguno de los trabajos. Mi correo electrónico es [email protected]. Si necesita enviar un correo electrónico en su idioma nativo, tengo herramientas de traducción que me permitirán traducirlo.

La siguiente página ofrece excelentes recursos en línea si tiene acceso a Internet. También he proporcionado un paquete de trabajo que su hijo puede completar y actividades adicionales que no requieren páginas impresas. NO SE INSCRIBA EN NINGÚN SERVICIO ADICIONAL QUE OFRECE EL SITIO WEB O LE PIDE QUE PAGUE. TODO LO QUE MENCIONÉ DEBE SER GRATIS. 

Nuevamente, contácteme si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud. Revisaré continuamente mi correo electrónico durante el día escolar normal (9:00 a 3:30) y estaré disponible para recibir ayuda.


Online Assignments for English Language Learners

You can choose from one or several of these options to work on for 30-40 minutes a day. 



What to do

Reading A to Z

Kids A to Z


Login with your information - provided in this packet

-can be emailed to you as well

Listen to and read books and complete assigned quizzes and activities. 

ABC Mouse

Log In Information Attached

Choose from any activities on your screen!

“My Lessons”


Choose your grade


Choose FREE Activities from the screen. Anything that is colorful. 



Games to Learn English

Games to Learn English

Choose a game and play! 

Storyline Online

Listen to books read aloud to you then draw a picture or write about:

-What you liked.

-What questions you have.

-What was surprising to you. 



Kelsey Rice 

English as a New Language Teacher

Chancellor Livingston Elementary 

845-871-5570 (ext.4042)