Mrs. Tait's & Mrs. Fleischhauer's Class

Grade 4 - Room 202


Here are some links to fun Math Games that will help sharpen your skills!

Rounding Numbers Game

Rounding Numbers Game 2 *There is a daily limit to practice on this site.

Writing Big Numbers
Writing Big Numbers 2 *There is a daily limit to practice on this site.
Comparing Big Numbers *There is a daily limit to practice on this site.

Multiplication Games
More Multiplication Games
Division Facts Game - Hidden Picture 

Prime or Composite Number Game 

Equivalent Fractions Matching Game
Fraction Addition Game
Fraction Addition/Subtraction Pac Man Game 

Figure This! Math Challenges

CoolMath4Kids - Brain Teasers

Converting Between Millimeters, Centimeters, and Meters Game
Meters, Liters, and Grams Rap
Measuring Games

Treasure Quest Decimal Chart Game

Puppy Chase - Fractions to Decimals Game

Number Bonds - Decimals Game

Equivalent Fractions Game

Fraction and Decimal Games

Polygon Matching Game
Shapes Quiz
Polygon Sort 

Area and Perimeter Practice
Area and Perimeter Practice 2

Dunk Tank: Fractions, Decimals & Percents (Interactive Game)


Our district uses the Big Ideas Math: Modeling Real Life Math Program.

Visit to practice the skills we have learned so far this year. Use the username and password that you taped to the inside, front cover of your planner. Play the games for each unit, try out the skill trainer, or even click on a lesson for a review of a specific concept!

Big Ideas Math - Home Support for Students and Parents



Below, you will find reviews for each chapter we have covered. You may print them out to complete, or just write your answers on a sheet of paper (Be sure to put your name on top, write the Chapter number, and number each problem as well!). Remember to SHOW YOUR THINKING!!


Unit 1 - Place Value Concepts 

Chapter 1 Practice



Unit 2 - Add and Subtract Multi-Digit Numbers

Chapter 2 Practice



Unit 3 - Multiply by One-Digit Numbers

Chapter 3 Practice

Cumulative Practice - Chapters 1-3



Unit 4 - Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers

Chapter 4 Practice


Unit 5 - Divide Multi-Digit Numbers by One-Digit Numbers

Chapter 5 Practice



Unit 6 - Factors, Multiples, and Patterns

Chapter 6 Practice



Unit 7 - Understand Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

Chapter 7 Practice

Cumulative Practice - Chapters 1-7



Unit 8 - Add and Subtract Fractions

Chapter 8 Practice



Unit 9Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions

Chapter 9 Practice