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Welcome to Studio in Crafts!

GRADE LEVELS: 9 -12    COURSE #: 7000

LENGTH: 40 WEEKS      CREDIT: 1        PREREQUISITE: An interest in Art


Studio In Crafts

Studio in Crafts will be designed as a full-year foundation course in art which can lead to advanced study in Ceramics, Print-making and Sculpture. The course involves students in a wide range of hands-on, two and three dimensional media. The study of the Elements and Principles of Art form the basis of the course through their application in projects that utilize craft materials. Clay, printmaking, fiber arts, metalwork, carving, and book-binding are a few examples. Students will gain an appreciation and understanding of crafts as an area of art. Students will be assessed based on project assessments, reflections, a digital portfolio, and weekly sketchbook assignments. This course fulfills the diploma requirement for 1 unit of art and/ or music for graduation. Studio in Crafts is a great option for students who show a preference for kinetic learning and working with traditional hand tools. 

 Objectives – Upon completion of the Studio in Crafts course, student will exhibit:

  •  an understanding and respect for tools, supplies and facilities
  •  competency in construction and design principles as they apply to various craft techniques
  • an understanding of the difference between decorative and utilitarian crafts
  • ability to adhere to safety rules and regulations pertaining to crafts, and demonstrate the safe use and care of materials
  • ability to demonstrate craftsmanship (craft quality)
  • ability to identify career opportunities associated with crafts
  • ability to apply evaluation criteria to craft works
  • ability to correlate, compare and contrast different craft materials and usage
  • will have a command of the vocabulary necessary and useful for creating, discussing, and/or writing about the various craft techniques, tools, and culture 
  • Students will gain understanding of the basic techniques used for the various crafts presented


  • Students must provide their own sketchbooks at least 8.5 x 11 in size 
  • Sketchbook assignments are to be completed and handed in at the beginning of class every Thursday
  • Artwork produced should demonstrate the use of the design elements and principles as they relate to each project
  • Artwork produced throughout the course should demonstrate a growth in understanding of the processes and methods used and a willingness to experiment and practice with materials
  • Students will learn to communicate ideas that inspire their work

Students will create a cumulative digital presentation of their work in Studio Art using the platform called Artsonia                    2019-20.