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Sketchbook Assignments

Advanced Ceramics

 Sketchbook Assignments:  2020

Mrs. Giles 

March 12th                   Autobiographical page- (include words, images, drawings that explain who you are)


March 19th                 Draw something you think sounds or smell incredible


March 26th             Draw something you’ve always wanted


April 2nd                        Ceramic Artist Research: Choose a ceramic artist and find out something about her or him and her/his work. Write down basic biographical info: where and when they worked, the type of work they are known for, and who/what influenced them (if they provide that information). Get three pictures of their work, and do three sketches of your own ideas influenced by their style.



April 16th                Draw something you keep putting off, or something that causes you to procrastinate.


April 23rd                      FreeDraw:


April 30th                      Bring in a Ceramic piece to be put into the RCSD Art Exhibit.


May 7th                             Make a drawing that lies all over the place (full page)


May 14th                         Create a full-page work of art reflecting on your overall high school experience at RHS.


May 21st                          FreeDraw:


May 28th                  FREE SKETCHBOOK MAKEUP DAY!! You only need to do this if you missed a sketchbook 





All sketches should be done from direct observation and should be in some type of box no smaller than 3” X 4”.


 Experimentation of materials and techniques are essential in your sketchbooks and mixed media is encouraged.  This is your sketchbook so have fun with it, take it wherever you go and sketch everything and everyone you see.  The more you sketch the better you will become and the easier the ideas will come to you. 


Extra credit will be given to extra work shown to me on Thursdays.


 Happy sketching!!