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Fundations Words
This is a living document that will be updated as needed.     

Our phonics words are based on patterns your child is taught during our Fundations block. These patterns will be tested upon the completion of the individual units but it is quite likely the exact words listed will not be tested.  Units are one to three weeks in length.  We start and end units based on the numbers of lessons in each one.   Not every unit will begin on a Monday and tested on a Friday. This is not a spelling test----it is a phonics program. Your child should be able to write and correctly spell the words given the instruction and in class practice he or she receives.  If you have any questions or concerns, please see me.

Trick words are by definition tricky and do not follow patterns; therefore, three of the words listed are the words tested!  These words must be reviewed and memorized to attain mastery. 

Sound Alike words are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  These words will be tested at the end of each unit.  Students should know spelling of each word when given a definition or sentence.

Practice exercises may include writing the words three times each, oral recitation, using in a sentence or story, color coding by vowel or consonant when writing, taking a mock test, writing rainbow words with crayons, writing the word and sketching a picture to express the word, or any activity that you feel is worthy. Please review these lists in preparation for assessments. When your child knows the words, you are set and won't need to continue the practice nightly.  These written exercises are for your child to do and for you to correct.  They do not need to be returned to me.

Orientation 5 days

Unit One  2 weeks
Pattern:closed syllable concept, glued sounds (all, am, an, ng/nk), closed exceptions(old, ind, old, olt, ost), ck and tch spelling, w and qu effect on a /o/
Words to practice-quilt, elf, shred, kick, crush
Sound Alike Words- know, no, which, witch
Cursive- lower case l, e, h, b, f, k

Unit Two 3 weeks
Pattern:review suffixes (-s, -es, -ed, -ing, -ive, -able, -en, -er, -est, -ish, -y, -ful, -less, -ness, -ly, -ty, -ment), plurals and irregular plurals, 1-1-1 doubling a consonant when adding a vowel
Words to practice- stronger, tallest, shipped, shipment
Sound Alike Words-son, sun, some, sum, banned, band, guest, guessed, missed, mist
Cursive-Lower case i, j, p, r, s, y, u, w

Unit Three  1 week
Pattern:review vowel consonant-e syllables, spelling of /k/ in a v-e syllable, s saying /z/ between two vowels, division of multisyllabic words
Words to practice- rose, invent, splendid, theme, confuse, reptile
Sound Alike Words-plain, plane
Cursive-c, a, o

Unit Four  2 weeks
Pattern:ve at the end of a word (v never ends in english words), ive as a suffix, silent e spelling rule
Words to practice- captive, hoping, concluded, bravely
Sound Alike Words-mail, male, mind, mined, find, fined
Cursive- d, g, q

Unit Five  2 weeks
Pattern:identifying schwa, reading words with a schwa in a n unaccented syllable, spelling words with a schwa, -et spelling at the end of words such as jacket, dictionary skills
Words to practice- random, method, rockets
Sound Alike Words-weather, whether, father, farther
Cursive- n, m, v, y
Unit Six  3 weeks 
Pattern:open syllable review, y as a vowel, schwa in a n open syllable with a, schwa in an open syllable with i, open syllable exception, soft c:ce, ci, cy- reading, soft g: ge, gi, gy- reading 
Words to practice-music, relate, cry, giant, Alaska, indicate, champion, recent
Sound Alike Words- hi, high, by, buy, bye, oh, owe
Cursive- z, x
Bonus Unit  2 weeks
Pattern: review of closed syllables with emphasis on nonsense words, concepts of prefixes and roots, review of syllable division for multisyllabic words
Closed and Open Syllable Prefixes: con, dis, un, en, em, ex, in, im, il, ir, mis, non, sub, trans, de, e, pre, pro, re
Closed Syllable Roots: dict, duct, fect, fract, ject, junct, lect, min, scrib, sist, spec, struct, tract
Unit Seven  2 weeks
Pattern:pluralizing words ending in y and o, Y and suffix spelling rule, 
Words to practice-happiest, studied, tries, duties, volcanoes
Sound Alike Words- flour, flower, thrown, throne
Cursive-Upper case-A, O, C, G, E

Unit Eight  3 weeks 
Pattern: Final stable syllable-consonant -le, tion/sion, Consonant -le exception, final syllable with schwa vs. consonant -le
Words to practice-tumble, noble, bugle, whistle, bagel, settling, settlement, expansion, construction, vision
Sound Alike Words- principal, principle, wear, where, weight, wait, week, weak, meet, meat
Cursive-Upper case- F, T, B, P, R, L
Unit Nine  3 weeks
Pattern:All sounds of ar, er, ir, ur, or including schwa for ar and or, combining r-controlled syllables with er, ir, and ur with other syllable types, war and wor, -ward and -or as a suffix, spelling option procedure for schwa /er/ sound, dictionary skills, r-controlled exception (rr), 1-1-1 spelling rule with r-controlled words
Words to practice- burst, termite, orbit, solar, cherry, warmth, furry, stirred
Sound Alike Words- heard, herd, berry, bury, warn, worn
Cursive-Upper case- H, K, N, M, D, W

Unit Ten
  3 weeks 
Pattern:Double vowels, double vowel syllables, additional sounds:eigh, ei, ea, ie, igh, oo, ui, adding suffixes to double vowel words, double vowel exception
Words to practice- understood, delighted, destroying
Sound Alike Words- sail, sale, led, lead, brake, break, pail, pale
Cursive-Upper case- U, V, Y, Z

Unit Eleven
  2 weeks
Words to practice-doesn't, can't, don't
Sound Alike Words- it's, its, there, their, they're, 
Cursive-Upper case-Q, X

Unit Twelve
 2 weeks
Pattern:Soft sound of c after e, i, y-spelling, soft sound of g after e, i, y-spelling, English words do not end in j, dge after a short vowel, silent e spelling rule after soft g and c
Words to practice-gentleman, entrance, bridges, replacing
Sound Alike Words- cell, sell, peace, piece, cent, sent, scent, scene, seen
Cursive-Upper case- S, I, J

Unit Thirteen
 2 weeks
Pattern:New sounds: ch-chorus-/k/, ph-phone-/f/, silent letters: wr, rh, gn, kn, mn, mb, gh
Words to practice-chorus, triumph, column, wrinkle
Sound Alike Words- knew, new, knight, night, knows, nose
Cursive- Review all

Unit Fourteen
 2 weeks
Pattern: ture and tu, ci and ti, advance suffix endings- ous, al, ent, an
Words to practice-adventure, factual, patient, artificial
Sound Alike Words- stationary, stationery, eight, ate, straight, strait, side, sighed
Cursive-Review all