Peck - High School Math

Course Description


Mathematics of Finance is a course that combines algebraic and graphical approaches with practical business and personal finance applications.   Students will explore algebraic thinking patterns and functions in a financial context.

This course contains a strong review of basic algebra formulas with variables, equations, functions, systems of equations, graphs, and statistics. Students will see algebra translated into powerful, financially focused, real world problems.


  •  See algebra at work within the most critical areas of finance.
  •  Learn about investments, credit, automobile expenses, insurance, income tax, and household budgeting.
  •  Develop your critical thinking skills to increase your independence in the classroom
  •  Teach you to be confident discussion participants


This course requires the use of a textbook.

Your attendance is crucial. Missed work is your responsibility. Every day you should be in your seat before the bell and ready to discuss your homework with your neighbor. As a class we will discuss the most challenging problems. I am expecting you to ask questions! I am here to help you. Please see me when you feel you are struggling or are confused.