Peck - High School Math

Course Description


Algebra 1B is the second year in a two-year mathematics sequence designed for the student who will benefit from extended time and practice before attempting the Common Core Algebra I Regents exam. This course aims to develop proficiency with mathematical skills and expand understanding of mathematical concepts by teaching students how to both read and comprehend a mathematical problem.


  •   Develop your creative problem solving skills
  •   Build on your understanding of algebra
  •   Develop your critical thinking skills to increase your independence in the classroom
  •   Teach you to be confident discussion participants


Our focus in this course is to dive deeper into the algebra you learned last year in Algebra A. I will be providing notes and material from In addition, we will spend time reviewing topics from last year to help prepare you for the Regents exam in June.

Your attendance is crucial. Missed work is your responsibility. Every day you should be in your seat before the bell and ready to discuss the previous lesson/homework with your neighbor. As a class we will discuss the most challenging problems. I am expecting you to ask questions! I am here to help you. Please see me when you feel you are struggling or are confused