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By being members of the PE Council, fifth graders are given a voice in the CLS Physical Education Program. Through this program, the students are able to become better health and fitness role models. Thus, when they return to the regular PE setting, they are better leaders who model and demonstrate healthy lifestyles for their peers. During both sessions, students work with Mr. Yarnell, Mrs. Hackett, and Mr. Anthony (RCSD Food Services Director) to sample various healthy snacks and learn about nutrition. They also are able to conduct surveys and create graphs about CLS' favorite fruits and vegetables.

  • For the PE Council Tabata Brain Energizer video series, please click HERE.




CLS PE Council


2019-2020 CLS PE Council

2018-2019 CLS PE Council


2017-2018 CLS PE Council

2016-2017 CLS PE Council

2015-2016 CLS PE Council

PE Council Yearbook Photo 2015-2016



PE Council Lunch Menu Board

Lunch Menu Survey PE Council Bulletin Board



PE Council Healthy Survey Board

Healthy Foods Survey


Healthy Fruit Veggie Survey Board

Healthy Fruits & Veggies Survey

 Be...Adjective Board

How To BE Awesome