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As stated in the general information section of the district calendar,

Students who are suspected of having a disability as defined by the regulations of the Commissioner of Education are evaluated by the Committee on Special Education (CSE).  The committee acts on referrals from school personnel and parents.  Appointed by the Board of Education, the committee is defined by regulations and most often includes an administrator, a special education teacher, school psychologist, parents of the student, a parent member, a general education teacher and, upon request, a school physician.  The CSE makes a determination of eligibility.  If the student is found eligible, the committee defines the education needs of the student through the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).



Also worthy of note are reevaluations for students who are identified as having a disability.  See below for more info pertaining to students who have an existing IEP.

New York State mandates that every student with an IEP have their progress reviewed every three years.  This reevaluation process provides a very detailed update on the student's current progress in all areas which can then help guide a discussion about any necessary changes to the students educational program. 



Please feel free to contact me or the Director of Special Education should you have any questions about this information.